Month: August 2011

  • Hello Goodbye!


    It isn’t really saying goodbye…I told myself again and again.  It’s just saying hello to so much more in a brand new home.  It was still really hard saying goodbye though.  Not only did I leave our first home behind but also a city I had lived in for a decade. 

    I first arrived in West LA fresh out of college ready to start law school at UCLA.  I lived in a tiny run down studio on my own for the first time.  I felt like a country mouse in the big city even though most wouldn’t consider Westwood a big city.  I spent the next 3 years studying and falling in love.

    [Bella, Esq. and late night dates after work]

    After law school I spent 5 years working at law firms near by.  I spent so many late nights working away.  After Evan came those late nights were spent taking care of a newborn and not corporations. 

    When we first moved in I remember sitting on the ground and running my hands across the bamboo floors in awe.  This was the nicest place I had ever lived in.  I spent my entire twenties in this “big city” and I’m so thankful for all the memories.  So you can see why I might’ve been super sentimental and weepy about leaving this place.  I wanted to leave everything on a happy note but we’re having so many issues with the buyer.  We had to sell our place for almost a complete loss and they got such a great deal yet some people are never satisfied.  I just pray that all this stress will be over soon! 


    Moving with a toddler and while 34/35 weeks pregnant is not advisable.  Yet we somehow managed~ thanks to my in-laws and parents!


    [Evan kept wanting everyone to sit in the boxes!  Bella~ inside~ picture!]  

    Hospital Goody Bags 

    I wanted to make hospital goody bags for two of my dearest pregnant buddies~ Jeanette & Sue.  They both just had their babies~ congrats!!!  It was such a blessing to go through our second pregnancies at the same time.  If we weren’t right in the middle of moving I could’ve made the bags so much nicer!  I just tried putting together some goodies that might not ordinarily have been on their hospital packing list. 


    List of goodies:  bunny basket, tissues (for happy tears), Altoids & gum (to keep breath fresh for visitors), socks (to keep feet warm), lip balm, antibacterial wipes (to clean up yucky germs), fiber bar (to keep regular), magazine, folder/pen/paper (to take notes and for important hospital docs), hair ties & pins (to keep hair in place), make-up remover wipes (in case you can’t wash your face easily), Luna bar & fruit snacks (yummy treats for after delivery), nursing pads, lotion (because hospital air is cold and dry) 

    Additional things I wanted to include but didn’t have time:  special photos of their older kiddos, travel shampoo/conditioner, flip flops/slippers, hand sanitizer, change for the vending machine, more yummy snacks/candy, cute hospital packing list

    I love these bunny baskets!  They’re perfect for our babies born in the year of the bunny.  Plus, I’m going to use mine as a mini diaper caddy or toy basket.  I actually have two extras to share~ one pink, one blue [both taken!].  If you love them too then let me know~! 

    Also, I gave my all-time favorite EOS lip balms to my buddies but also bought 6 extras to share.  [Originally 6 but can't say no to my darling buddies so I'll pick up some more for anyone who asked up until now.  Then I'm all lip-balmed out!]  They’re organic and help my forever chapped lips.  Let me know if you want to try one! 

    A Peek

    We’re officially moved in but everything is still a mess!  I only have a few more weeks before Joy gets here to finish unpacking/cleaning.  It’s so hard though because I’m in a lot of pain and even picking something up from the ground is hard!  At my 34 week appointment (last week) Joy was already estimated at 5 lb 3 oz and her head was measuring at 37 weeks~ lol!

    Hope you’ve all been doing great!  So sorry for the late responses to messages.  Things have been so hectic!  This was my one big break…now back to work!