December 8, 2011

  • 100 Days of Joy!


    The tradition of celebrating the 100th day (baekil) stems from a time in Korean history when many babies didn’t make it through the early months.  When a baby did make it to the 100th day the whole village would celebrate.  

    For us, the baekil party was about gathering our closest family and friends to celebrate Joy and all the happiness she has brought us in the past 100 days.  As you know, the past few months haven’t been that easy so it was especially nice to celebrate this milestone.   


    At first we weren’t going to do anything at all, especially in terms of decorations.  As it got closer to the date I realized I really did want to add some special touches even if everyone around me told me to forget it~ lol!

    Although there were many more things I would’ve liked to do~ I’m happy with the results because it’s surely better than having done nothing at all.  I bought some supplies from Target and stayed up the night before making a few things.

    We had a simple head table set up.  The cake and cupcakes were from I Heart Cupcakes.  I made the fabric toppers~ super easy to make!


    One of my favorite last minute projects was the photo board.  I printed out a bunch of 4×6 photos from the past few months and cut them into squares.  I just taped them on some cardstock and left a space for messages.  I loved reading them and also seeing a snapshot of Joy’s first 100 days.


    I always love seeing big families and envy their closeness and get togethers.  At one point during the party I realized…this IS my family.  These are the people who are always there for me.  They are the ones who celebrate my achievements, hold my hand as I cry and always pray for me.  I am truly blessed.

    From my wedding day to Joy’s baekil…


    Big Bro + Big Sis

    I was worried about how the big bro & big sis would feel when we had a party where all the attention would be on Joy.  It’s hard for a 2-year-old (and a dog) to understand why your little sister gets her own party!  Teresa was so nice and baked Evan her famous carrot cake!  I just stuck a little banner and sign on it and Evan loved it.


    Of course, Bella got a special treat too!  She’s such a wonderful dog.  She’s had to give up a lot of her princess lifestyle to make room for two babies.


    Happy 100 Days!

    Dear Joy,

    It seems as if I just blinked and now you’re already 100 days old.  Yet I’ll never forget that first moment I held you in my arms.  I just held you close and breathed you in.  It was truly a wish come true.  I thank God every single day that I have my little girl~ healthy and beautiful.  I feel like I could sit and watch you for hours.  When you give me that goofy little smile of yours I just melt.  I’m so excited to show you all the wonderful things in this world and to pass down all the motherly wisdoms that my mom taught me. 

    You fill our lives with so much love.  Bella loves snuggling up next to you.  Evan loves squeaking your giraffe toy for you.  Your daddy loves singing with you.  I love having little conversations with you and hearing you coo.  There’s just so much love here for you.    

    Love, Mommy


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  • Happy 100일 joy! She’s so adorable! And you missy! You’re so creative and talented! You did a great job making everything look perfect!

  • Wow, I’m so impressed!  Everything looks beautiful, including Joy.  I love the idea of having a cake for the best big bro and sis!!  =)

  • happy 100 days to joy!!!!! she is starting to look like a baby girl version of evan!  sooo cute! be blessed, all of you… :)

  • i love love love her so much! she looks like you when she’s smiling/laughing in the first picture. SO ADORABLE!
    she’s so chubby and delicious i wanna hold her and squeeze her!!
    omgosh i can’t believe how quickly she’s grown! I really regret not taking pics of my LO next to a stuffed animal. -.-  :(
    you’re such an incredible mommy. you kill me with all of the small details and care you put into all of your projects and parties. you’re my inspiration!
    i’m so happy you have your “family” with you–you’re truly blessed. i know for a fact that you’re a huge blessing in each and every one of their lives too (mine included)!
    i love your little family of 5. each of you have a special place in my heart. so happy to have known you all these years and really looking forward to seeing our babies grow up. <3

  • I love how andy and evan are always matching! your two handsome boys must make your heart burst with so much love!! 

  • Joy is 100 days already what?! I cannot believe she has grown so fast it must be even more shocking to you guys. I love the details of this celebration. Jenny have you ever thought of being a event planner? because every single party you throw is just awesome. 

  • this is just crazy….. !!!!!!!

    its not fair to be that pretty, talented, happy, and so blessed! you are sooo lucky and im always so envious of all that you have, jenny onni! you’ve managed to make pulling off a perfect party look like a piece of cake–when most of us normal girls wouldve died and given up midway through preparing!– and you design/plan so well :) happy 100 days to Joy. she is so darling! ;”)

  • OMG  My ovaries are sooo feeling left out ;)   Joy is so sweet looking.  I love her little smile.  So sorry things were difficult lately but things can get better!  Awe, how sweet that Bella and Evan got a little treat at the party too!  Such great photos!

    I like the note written to her about older brothers.  hahah cute!

  • Joy is precious!!! I love her headband! Did you make it yourself too?

  • ditto on the headband.  so pretty!

    joy is delicious.  and all that hair too! happy 100 days, pretty girl.

    even a little party turns into something so beautiful.  always the case with you, talented mama.

  • So crazy how your precious Joy is already 100 days old!!! Everything you do is sosososo pretty! Love all the lil details of the simple decor. So simple, yet so detailed! lol… I love the photo board idea! One day sweet Joy will be reading those. Big bro just gets handsomer by the day and big sis… oh my gosh how darling is she with that yellow bow!! Love the series of photos and seeing Joy now bigger than her bunny buddy. 

  • Joy definitely lives up to her name! Her smile is sooooo infectious! :D I have followed your blog for a long time and it’s so wonderful to see how happy you and your family always seems.  Makes my day all better :)  

  • awwww her 100 day party looked amazing! love the touches of pink and yellow! i just wish i could have been there!!!! i hope that we will visit each other often once austin is born!! family is soo important and we must make it a point to all get together more often!!!

  • happy sweet baekil joy! i cannot believe that you can whip this up just overnight?! you never cease to AMAZE me!!!! how do you do all this AND look so beautiful. wow! i’ve been thinking that i need to do a lil something for b’s baekil too but i’ve been so busy and tired and it’s right after the holiday’s. we’re prob gonna have a small family gathering but want to make it special too. i hope i can do even a smidget of what you’ve done!

  • Loved her 100 day~ so beautiful and Evan looked esp. happy! I think it’s so great how you make sure no child (E and B) is left out of any celebration~ your family is truly blessed to have you as their wife/mother! Thanks for sharing this post even though I’m sure you are busier than ever~

  • Happy 100il little Joy! Can’t believe she’s already 100 days old, wow. She looks so chubby and cute, good job mama!

    Do you plan parties and stuff for other people? Because you are SO good at it! I love your aesthetic, and you’re so creative. I’m already (or already have been) worried about how I’ll pull off Luke’s first birthday party which seems so soon now! I’m inspired once again by your backdrop which is beautiful and perfect for a little lady’s party and all the other beautiful touches.

  • aww seeing your wedding picture brings back memories! too bad we weren’t really into fb and xanga back then. i still love looking through the box of thank you card and pictures you gave to us after the wedding =)

    love how joy was so happy and even calmly fell asleep during the baekil photo session =P

  • AWWW!! she looks soo sweet and happy. Congrats! Love the big sis and big bro cake idea. great way to include your other kids :)

  • whee i got so excited seeing pics of joy’s baekil~!  she is such a chubby monkey! nomnomnom!  and evan is growing up to be such a handsome little man =)  happy 100 days joy!

  • you are sooo impressive, having time to do everything and make everyone feel so special, including bella!! you are wonderful and i’m so glad you are blessed with such beautiful babies, lovely dog and awesome husband. congrats to you. love all the pictures! joy is a sweetheart and so cute…being so good in the pictures! so good to make evan and bella feel so included in the festivities!!! love the picture board. congrats on joy’s baekil!!! xxxx

  • this is so beautiful :)  

  • Absolutely gorgeous!  I love all the details and colors.  Joy is such a cutie, so are you and your entire family!  It warmed my heart to see these, thnx for sharing =)

  • such a sweet post!!! happy 100 days to joy :)   i especially love the pics of joy + bella and bella getting her own special big sister treat.  you’re such a thoughtful mom to all 3 of your babies

  • Happy 100 Day to Joy! She’s adorable and Evan is getting big! You are such a good Mom!!!! 

  • Happy baekil Joy!!! Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!!! LOVE!!

  • happy 100 days!  wow, what a great looking party.

  • Happy 100 days to your beautiful girl! Love her smile. 

  • aweee, it was joy’s 1oo Day??? ALREADY???! Ok, first of all THAT is what you come up with LAST MIN??? Joy’s entire festivities looks totally professionally done, and i am in LOVE with that backdrop for the head table~ its so chic and girly!! You seriously never fail to amaze me– i love love love big bro evan’s cake~ jeesh only you thinks of such details like that to make sure everyone feels special. Your three kiddos are so so so blessed to have you as a mamabear. Joy resembles her oppah A LOT and is so beautiful. I miss you guys so dearly. I will try to call you next week my beautiful friend. ps. you look amazing and gorgeous as usual. XOXOXO

  • i can’t believe it’s 100 days already! Joy, you are lucky to have so much love around you! 

  • Happy 100-il Joy!  I love all the little details that you incorporated into her party.  The photo board is such a wonderful idea and I know Joy will love reading the messages when she’s older.  Ashely’s message cracked me up! =)   I can’t believe Joy is already 3 months old!  Still haven’t gotten a chance to meet her =(   And Evan gets handsomer every time I see his picture.  Love your family!!!! 

  • and btw Jenny, where did you get that bunny plush doll? I would love something like that for my daughter! It’s adorable.

  • i love all these photos! there isn’t a photo you post that i don’t love :) happy 100 days to joy! 

  • awww!!!  happy 100 days to Joy!!!!  i loved every aspect of her little party and as always you amaze me!!!  i especially love the photoboard! brilliant idea, mama!  evan and joy (and bella) are the luckiest kiddos ever!  evan has gotten so big and Joy is absolutely preciousness!!!

  • amazing photos! I love how you guys bought Evan and Bella something too!!

  • Wow, you are so talented and crafty!  The decor looks great and your two little ones are adorable!!  Also, you do NOT look like you ever had a baby..!!  

  • Great post! You truly have a great eye for decorating!!! i love the backdrop here too!!! Is it fabric?!

  • @hkcho - Thanks buddy!!  The backdrop is actually a pair of curtains from Urban Outfitters!  I found that curtains make such good backdrops~ so now I’m on the lookout for cheap curtains to use for other events!  =P

  • @ahappylilhome - Sorry for the late reply~!  I wish I made that headband but it was actually a gift!  I really want to try to figure out how to make it though.  If I do I’ll be sure to share a tutorial!  =)

  • @carolc - Oh sweetie~ you are always so nice to me~ thank you!  I know any event you throw would be way nicer and cuter, hehe.  =)

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