July 11, 2012

  • NYC 2012, Favorite Baby Item + Joy’s Korean Bunny Giveaway

    Hello buddies!  The past few months were really hectic as Andy was really busy with work and traveling a lot.  Having both kiddos on my own made the days and nights extra long and didn’t leave a lot of spare time for blogging or anything else.  Just wanted to say a big thank you to my family and friends who were there to help out and encourage me through such a rough time!  

    NEW YORK CITY 2012
    My in-laws were going to spend a week with Evan and Andy had a conference in NYC so Joy and I decided to tag along!  NYC holds a lot of fond memories for us because that’s where we spent a lot of time in the early days of our relationship.
    2 Flight Tips
    We’ve traveled by plane a lot with both kiddos yet I still get nervous for each flight.  It’s different at every age so the tips always change.  However, I’ve found there are two things that have been helpful for us no matter what the age.
    1 - Book the earliest flight possible.  The best flights we’ve had were when we left first thing in the morning.  The problem with the later in the day flights is that the kiddos are already tired and cranky from having already been through an entire day.  I know some people say to book night flights but that hasn’t worked for us.  There’s no guarantee the kids will sleep and it might backfire and interrupt all the other sleeping people on the flight.  
    2- Have a mini must have bag.  Every flight we take we always have tons of carry-on items with so many things we “might” need.  I’ve learned that we don’t even use most of the stuff and when we do need it we’re always scrambling to find it.  Plus, we can’t even get to any of it when we need it most~ during takeoff and landing!  Now we have a small mini bag of absolute essentials that we keep with us the entire time.  It has one diaper, a small pack of wipes, individually wrapped sanitizers, snacks and a toy.  We just refill things as necessary.
    Favorite Memories
    * Walking!  I don’t remember the last time I walked that much~ 3 to 5 miles a day!  I even walked in the rain…in flip flops.  It was tiring but fun!
    * Seeing NYC through Joy’s eyes.  Everything seemed bigger and brighter as we were showing Joy the city.

    * Spending lazy mornings in our condo.  It was really nice to have a “home base” where we could relax and have useful amenities like a kitchen and bedroom.
    * Daddy-daughter and mommy-daughter moments.

    Buddy Time
    I got to meet up with my wonderful Xanga buddies @tubecozy and @jpjchen.  It was the first time we met but it felt like we were old friends.  We’ve known each other through blogging for so many years now.  I feel so blessed to have them in my life even though we live so far apart.  Thanks @tubecozy for our awesome NYC memorabilia!     
    One of the highlights of the trip was being reunited with my childhood buddy~ @justbee and her gorgeous Olive!  It’s funny because even though we don’t get to see each other often we are still so present in each other’s lives through blogging and Instagram.  It was so nice to see what a wonderful life she had built for herself in NY.  Bee is such an incredible person~ so nice, caring and beautiful.  The thing I admire most about her though is how much of a loving and dedicated mom she is.  She inspires me to be a better mama. 
    Bee got me such an awesome gift~ the Dria cover.  Thanks so much buddy~ I love it!  It’s a nursing cover, stroller cover, car seat cover and you can just wear it as a regular top too.  You can read more about it on Hellobee!
    One of my all-time favorite baby items actually isn’t a baby item at all!  It’s a home security camera called Foscam that we use as our baby monitor.  Here’s the LINK for one and the LINK for a pack of two.  Lots of friends have asked us about the camera so I wanted to be able to have the info in one place to point them to!
    Here’s a page of monitor screen shots I made for a photo book…
    - Motion Detector.  You can set it up so it’ll email you photos when the camera detects motion.  We use it as a security camera when we’re out of town.
    - Zoom.  This one is huge for paranoid parents out there.  I zoom in to check on Joy’s breathing!
    - Move!  You can actually move the camera around.  Perfect for when your baby starts rolling around, sitting up and walking all over the crib.
    - Sound.  There’s a sound sensor alarm so you can set it to alert you when the sound goes above a certain level.
    - It Talks!  Not only can you clearly hear sound~ you can actually talk into the camera too!  There were times when we saw Joy with her face flat down so we would tell her to lift up her head and she would do it without waking up!  We also use it to talk to Evan to tell him to get back to bed.  Makes it easier than having to go up and down the stairs multiple times to say the same thing. 
    - Access Everywhere.  We have it set up on our iPhones, iPad and computers.  I love being able to see the kiddos when I’m not home.  I don’t have to ask if they’re sleeping because I can just check for myself.  Andy can also check from work!  
    - Photos!  I’m a bit obsessed with taking screen shots on my phone of them sleeping.
    - Quality.  The quality is so good especially considering that most of the time I’m viewing rooms that are pitch black.  
    - Dual monitors.  I love the fact that I can see both monitors on one screen.  
    - Glitches.  As with all technology there are glitches.  They aren’t problems with the actual camera but with the apps and programs that use it.  It’s just like your cell phone though~ sometimes you don’t get good reception but you’re fine with it because the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.
    - Setup.  The setup is a bit difficult.  Any moderately tech savvy person could do it though!

    I fell in love with the bunny dolls that they use in Korean photo studios.  When I went to Korea I made sure to grab some for my friends.  I also got an extra one to do a giveaway for my blog buddies who have asked about it.  Let me know if you’re interested~ I have one to share!  [Congrats orangemomo01!]
    If you’re on Instagram you’ve already seen these!  I just like to put them all in one place so I can look back later.  Hope you’re having a fabulous summer!


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  • heehee look at olive and joy together! i’m so glad we were finally able to hang out. i’m sure we will be on each other’s coasts again soon! :)

  • Too precious! Thank you for sharing!<3

  • yay!!! i’ve been anxiously waiting for an update from you! DANG! I wish we had waited and gotten the camera you have! the picture is SO clear and crisp!! i’m gonna talk to p and see if he wants to return the cameras we got and get this instead! the options are so cool! :D  

    awwww and joy is so so so so chubby and delicious! i can’t wait to nibble on her rolls! :) she’s getting big so fast!

  • i’m so glad you had a great time in nyc…despite the rain and WALKING ;)  so happy to have finally met you and little joy.  actually, chunky joy. omgosh i’m glad i got the onesie in the biggest size!

    the first photo of evan and joy is one of my favorites of them.  i hope c+e will be best buddies too!

    i think e would love a bunny if you still have it.  

  • okay that camera sounds like perfection!  I love how it’s so connected with handheld devices, and esp that it can move and you can speak into it!  It would come in handy for when we’re visiting my parents as well…thanks for the rec!!  Joy has gotten so big! She seems like such a happy baby.  Your children are darling!!

  • I can’t believe Joy was the same size as the bunny (almost) when she was a newborn.. so crazy!! M LOVES her tokki.. :D she loves it so much she gives it loves bites.. -.- :D

  • I’ll be recommending the camera to my  5 friends who are all having babies this year.  Joy was named so perfectly! Just seeing her adorable smile fills my heart with joy! :)  

  • omg, we have the exact same security system (we use it as a baby system too)!!!!!!!! How funny! We got it a little after we moved, and it seriously was a lifesaver. Being able to see the kids from ur phone is just awesome. I love the talk feature the most, and how you can add up to as many monitors as you want. Oops sorry just went off lol!! I wanted to tell you that you instagram photos are one of that I actually look forward to the most because it’s so unbelievable that you took them from your iphone- i love all the apps you use, and your photos always look SOOO cute! Did you know there’s a program that can turn your photos into buttons or magnets?? You’re would be SOOO cute like that on the corkboard in your family room!! kekeke. I miss you so dearly buddy. Joy is big now I can’t believe her first bday is coming up~~~ where does the time go??! 

  • Ooh ive been wondering about you and waiting for a blog update!! That camera sounds great, i would totally buy it if this isnt my last planned baby lol i lovvve the sucre bunnies too, i just bought one off of amazon :)

  • Hello buddy! i am missing u on IG and so it’s nice to see u have blogged :) i totally agree with u that morning flight works best for babies (at least for me) coz alexa was so chirpy when we took the early mornign flight even though she had to wake up at 5am. but it was a different story when we took the night flight. luckily she falls asleep easily when i nurse her or else, she will be disturbing the other passengers! i love that bunny! where in korea did u get it?


  • @justbee - I keep thinking about how much of a happy & adorable baby Olive is!  Can’t wait for our next reunion~ hopefully on the west coast soon! =)

  • @misajour - Awww~ thanks for reading!  =)

  • @chopsuey119 - You are so sweet my love!  I wait for your updates too!  You would love these cameras~ especially since you’ll have two soon.  That’s one of the reasons we had to get a new camera because we needed two cameras plus a long range.  The range on this is crazy~ basically anywhere with an internet connection!  My favorite feature is being able to take photos from my phone~ lol!  I can’t wait until you guys visit~ M & J will finally be together!  Joy likes to bite her tokki too.  She loves it so much she smooshes it with hugs every single time they’re together.  

  • @tubecozy - Lol~ so much walking!!  Thanks again for all the awesome NYC stuff~ I love them!  I know C+E will be best buddies too.  =)  Btw~ I realized you haven’t updated since Halloween!  =P

  • @sooae - Don’t you just love it soo much?!  I’m always raving to people about it so now I think all of my friends who are having babies will be getting one~ lol!  Awww~ you are so so so sweet buddy!  I always look forward to your IG photos too and I’m so happy you finally joined.  Yes~ I’ve totally been meaning to print my IG pics and put them all up on the cork board but I always get too busy/lazy with other stuff!  Magnets would be super cute too!  I know what you mean~ where does the time go?!  Can’t believe how big your little cookie and baby bear are getting!  *sniff*  

  • @JoanneShuck - Buddy!  I totally missed you on IG!  The whole family got sick so I had to take a big IG break.  The bunnies are from a baby boutique in Korea but you can get them anywhere out there.  Here’s a link to Amazon where you can find one.  I’m sure if they ship to the US from Korea then they would ship to SG too!  Btw~ your super nice email was what inspired me to blog again.  Thank you for that!    

  • @Mad_Wife - You’re so sweet buddy~ thank you!  Dang~ 5 friends having babies this year!  You better gear up for baby shower season!  =P

  • @nomorepink - Your comment totally made me smile~ thank you for waiting for me~ lol!  It was a rough couple of months and I was totally bummed I couldn’t catch up with anything online.  Even if this is your last “planned” (lol) baby you might realize you need it!  We got this monitor right after Joy was born and it made our old monitor seem so ancient.  I’m so in love with the bunnies~ they’re so darn photogenic too!  =P

  • Ahh here you are! I’ve missed you on IG and wondered how you were doing! I especially miss seeing your cute photos of Joy & Evan! I wish I know about this awesome security system – I would have gone crazy taking photos as well! 

    Chloe would love this adorable bunny (if you still have it and the give away is still open) as she was born in the year of the bunny as well :)  
    P.S.: Can Joy please share some of her cute chunkiness with Chloe?! :) What’s your secret ingredients? 

  • @so_droll80 - Lol~ Joy is a giant baby!  I’ll be sad when she starts losing her baby chubs…although I’m 33 and still haven’t lost mine so maybe she’ll be the same.  You’ll love the camera~ you could have 3 monitors on one screen!  Although I’m sure the girls are well behaved at night so you might not need monitors for them.  Evan isn’t a good sleeper these days so a lot of the times we’re using the monitor more for him than the baby!!!

  • @LeThoa - Buddy!  I just made the connection that this is you~~!  On IG I didn’t know you were from Xanga!  So happy to see you here~ although you haven’t updated in ages.  =P  Both our little ones are baby bunnies!  Will definitely put you down for the giveaway.  =)  No~~ you want to keep Chloe small!  I’m so sad Joy is growing so fast.  She doesn’t fit into most clothes under 12 months, lol!  

  • I miss NY now =( I give you so much prop for bring your kids and being able to travel. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do that in the future lol. I love the baby items that you always recommend. =) I bet it’s so helpful instead of constantly watching then 24/7. It’s amazing how technology has advance so fast >.< Lastly, yay for xanga meet up. We need to a lunch date so I can take you out to eat! :) Hope it’s well! <3

  • Thanks for doing a review on a monitor because Paul and I need to buy one soon!  This one got amazing reviews and I love how we can look at them while we’re at work on our computers/Ipad!  And you were right, buddy.  Your instagram photos are amazing!!  I love love the one of Evan hugging Joy in the stroller.  I still live in the past but hopefully I’ll join you in a few months. =)  I hope we have a girl now because seeing Evan & Joy together melts my heart!  Glad you had a great time in NY!  

  • Evan n joy r the cutest!! I bet ppl say this all the time, but they look so much alike!!!! So cute~ And I lol’d about the part when u said u still have Ur chubs. Haha! Ur so funny :)

    Sorry about u having to b a single mom these days. Must b so hard w two kids n a dog! Even just the extra dog (or 2, in my case) adds SO much work to Ur daily life, doesn’t it?!? But Ur so lucky that Andy’s parents r gracious enuff to watch Evan so that u can tag along w Andy from time to time and to take other trips :D .

    The security camera thing is pretty cool. We stopped using baby monitor a looooong time ago, but this one piqued my interest cuz of the talk function. I’m thinking this could b useful for time outs ;) . Hmmm.

    Oh and I’d love to b entered in bunny giveaway. This would b perfect for my friends newborn daughter! My friend absolutely loves bunnies!

  • yay an update! I missed updates from you and wondered what you were doing (outside of instagram :) ) One of the things I love about you is how document your everyday. Next year (or even now) you seriously need to join a 365 project it would be awesome to see what you photograph everyday. Also NYC condo rec’s? I am trying (hoping wishing..) to go this winter and have an idea of what kind of place I want to stay but have no idea where to start looking. 

    As for the bunny? you know I am in love with it gah so cute if you still have it let me know! 

  • yay an update is up finally!! i love all your ny pics. how darling is joy’s top ponytail! so stinking cute. so great that you were able to meet up with fellow xangans. it’s so amazing how this lil blog community has formed so many wonderful friendships!! i cherish our friendship. :)  

    wow that cam is pretty amazing!!! so cool that it’s hooked up to all the mobile devices. love the spy cam pics of your cuties! 

    i can never get tired of your ig pics… these are some of my favorites! that cute lil bunny… we love ours soooo much! every time i look at it, i see your joy. :) it’s the ONLY plush toy that gets a special place in the house where rocky can’t reach it! he tore up so many already. lol..

  • It looks like you had a great time in NYC!! would’ve been nice to meet up!  next time lady!!!

  • @skippeeahn - M’s gonna love J so much! Something tells me she may have a super crush on E too! hahah. She’s obsessed with mungmungs right now so I know she’s gonna go crazy when she sees Bella! We’re headed to CA on Aug 20 and will stay until that Friday. 8/20-8/24. Hopefully you can see us for a little bit!! 

  • Yay an update! You’ve been quiet the past week on IG even so I assumed you were busy bc with Andy travelling again and manning the kiddies yourself. I was so excited to see your update on my google reader! I just love seeing your pictures, always inspires me to want to take more! :O)

    It’s so awesome that you were able to tag along with A and get to visit Bee and meet Xanga buddies! One day, we shall meet as well! <— Not going to lie, I think I’d be so nervous, haha. Yes I am a dork.

    OMG that first scrunched up face in the security camera that Joy is making, cracks me up! :) I love it. Thanks for always sharing all your wonderful tips and products! I am so tempted to get the camera but know I don’t need it, not right now at least and love that it’s very affordable!

    Do you travel with your DSLR? I need to find an alternative bc I don’t think I want to lug that to Asia and want to make sure I am taking tons of pics.

    HUGS! xoxo

  • As usual, I love all of your pictures!  I can tell you’re an artistic person.  :)  My husband is away on business this week and I’m suffering the consequences.  Lol.  The hardest part is bedtime!  Neither of my kids can go to sleep on their own so I have to put them to sleep but of course they won’t go to sleep quickly.  It’s so frustrating.  And then Clara is still waking up every 2-3 hours at night.  Can you believe it?!!  This morning she woke up at midnight and didn’t go back to sleep until 3am.  Anyways, enough complaining, back to complimenting!  Like I said, I love your pictures and the Dria cover is so awesome!  I would totally wear that as an outfit!  Lol.  Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you had a great time in NY!

  • haha, i want the bunny! but i guess it’d be wrong to take it from the kiddos out there, huh? :D .. 

  • Wow, you travel quite a bit with the kiddos!! Amazing.
    We are planning on taking Mirabelle overseas when she turns 1 next year. *very nervous about it*
    How do you do it with 2 kids? :) You are so amazing!
    The Korean bunny is adorable!!!  Mirabelle was born in the year of the rabbit. We are interested in entering the bunny giveaway~

  • buddy!!!!! you finally updated!!!! my oh my, evan & lil joy have grown so much! seeing all their pictures just melts my heart. i even teared up a lil bit cuz it’s so dang sweet seeing them together. how awesome is it that joy got to experience NYC at such a young age! I haven’t even been there yet! LOL!!! glad to see that you and your fam are doing well. and i’m sorry that you’ve been so tired! i know the feeling… *fighting* you are an amazing mother, wife, friend & person. keep us updated :)  

    p.s. i’d love to be entered in the bunny giveaway pls :)  

  • oh … i think …. we have the same crib (that you have for Joy)! i wanted the grey one for N but they didnt have it available so we ended up getting the white which ended up working out better.

  • Ooh..I ‘ve been looking for the right camera and maybe Foscam might be it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi darling! So glad to see you blogging again!!! It looks like you had an amazing time in new York I’m so jealous! Need to email you soon! As always MISS YOU BIG SIS. I need to get in touch with Eric soon haha

  • Joy is so adorable!  I always love your posts.  Thanks for the flight tips, I’ve been gathering some for our vacation/destination wedding in Mexico.  I’m so nervous!

  • as always, love the pics and the great info you share! :)  

  • @aliceandrandy - Hope you get to go on a NY trip soon!  I bet when you have kids you guys will totally travel and take them to the best places to eat.  Yes~ lunch date to one of your yummy finds!  =)

  • @cheendy - I’m so happy you guys got it~!!!  Once you get your iPhone you’re going to love it even more.  I can’t wait for that day since it means you’ll finally be on Instagram!  =)  No matter what you have J is going to be the best big bro!  I still remember at Evan’s birthday party he was totally hugging the babies.  He’s so affectionate and sweet!

  • @yunbug - Thanks for understanding buddy!  YES~~ at the end of the day when I’m so tired I think I have the least patience for Bella.  Sad!  Last night she was the one who kept me from sleeping because she kept wanting water/needing to go out in the middle of the night.  We both have 3 babies.  =P  Sometimes we use this monitor more for Evan than for Joy since he became such a bad sleeper.  Okie dokie~ will put you down for the bunny giveaway!  =)

  • @orangemomo01 - You were one of the people I was thinking of with the giveaway!  So funny you said that thing about documenting the everyday because I feel like YOU are the one who is so good at it.  I love seeing your daily adventures and you always know how to capture the little moments that mean the most.  You’re so good at keeping up with it!  That would be soo awesome if you guys went to NYC in the winter.  We used to stay at hotels but now that we’ve tried a condo we really liked it.  Meant we didn’t have to go out every meal and it was good to have a separate bedroom so we could stay up later after Joy went to sleep in the room.  Check out HomeAway.  It’s a website where owners list their vacation rentals. =)

  • @HSookiC - Thanks so much buddy!  I totally cherish our friendship too…one of the biggest blessings I’ve received from blogging is meeting you.  I’m so happy M loves her bunny too.  A bit of Korea for both our 1/2 Korean girls.  =)  Lol~ Rocky!!!  

  • @JayMonKeee - Yup~ manning the kiddos on my own again!  We live so close (compared to other blog buddies) so I really hope we get to meet soon.  I’ll be nervous too~~ hopefully I won’t be too socially awkward.  =P  Maybe with #2 you can upgrade your monitor.  We got this right after Joy was born.  I usually don’t travel with my DSLR anymore.  I took it to NYC but barely took it out.  Way too hard~ especially since it was raining and I was alone with Joy a lot.  Like 90% of the photos in my post are from my p&s or phone.  My motto is that the best camera is the one you always have with you.  It’ll be hectic already for you guys in Asia with a baby.  It’ll be much more likely you’ll be pulling out your phone and p&s than a DSLR.  =)

  • @gggsss - Aww~ thanks so much!  Oh my goodness…I totally feel ya.  For me, dinner and bedtime are the hardest.  I think it’s because both of them are just grumpy and getting tired so it makes everything harder.  I can’t believe Clara is still waking up that often!!!  I hope it’s just teething and she’ll start sleeping for longer stretches.  You must be exhausted!  For us it flip flopped recently and Evan is the one getting up multiple times a night.  Oh and last night Bella woke me up in the middle of the night to give her water~ lol!  Hang in there buddy!  Wish we were close so we could keep each other company when the hubbies are away.  

  • @jen - Lol~ you’re so cute.  No, not wrong at all!  I will put you in for the giveaway.  =)

  • @purplesecret - Aww~ Mirabelle & Joy were both born in the year of the rabbit!  Will definitely put you in for the giveaway.  That’s so awesome you’ll be taking Mirabelle overseas when she turns 1.  Some parts of it might be tough but it’ll totally be worth it for all the wonderful memories.  =)

  • @klariie - Awww~ thanks buddy!  I think about you sometimes and wonder how you’re doing!  Hope everything is going great~ I always love hearing from you.  Btw, happy birthday to your little E!!!  Can’t believe he’s already one.  Maybe you’ll do a recap of his first year as your blogging comeback.  Will definitely put you in for the giveaway~ our babies are both year of the bunny!

  • @JayMonKeee - It probably isn’t the same crib.  I bet yours is the nice version ours is based off of~ lol!  Walmart!  The one I first loved was like $800+ so I knew I couldn’t get it.  Luckily I found one I loved just as much at a fraction of the cost, hehe.  We have a white crib for Evan~ which was supposed to be for Joy but he wouldn’t part with it so we had to buy a 2nd crib.  =P 

  • @fuzzynavel - Oh yay!  Hope you love it as much as we do.  Looking forward to seeing your screenshots of O!  =P

  • @petitetokio - I missed you too sweetie!  Hope you’re doing great!  Please please please visit us in LA soon.  I totally thought of you when we were in NYC…and remembered your stories of NY fun.  =)

  • @WaterfallPhilosophies - Thanks buddy!  That is soo awesome you guys are going to Mexico!  It’ll be great~ you’ll see!  I love how there’s no time change with Mexico so one less thing to worry about.  Make sure to pack lots of random/new/different snacks for the flight.  Just have them on you everywhere~ your bag, pocket, ergo, etc.  You never know when you’ll need them.  =)

  • @minglenyc - Aww~ thanks!  So good to hear from you.  Hope you and your little A & C are doing great.  Haven’t seen an update from you in ages!

  • @a_nut07 - Yes~ next time for sure!  It was such a last minute trip I didn’t even know if anyone could meet up.  =P

  • @skippeeahn - oh my love. i know exactly which crib you are talking about!!! and hello, i can’t afford it either – we have the same walmart crib! :O) HI FIVE SISTAH!

  • @skippeeahn - i’m thinking the same. and luckily i came across a pretty dang good deal for a canon G12. :) so i think im going to give it a shot!

  • @skippeeahn – I kno. Same here… I feel so bad for the dogs for putting up w my negligence for the past 5 yrs…. Good thing I came on xanga… Just remembered to take pics of giraffe. Check email ;)

  • @skippee – it sucks that the whole family is sick and hope everyone is better now! And hope you’re getting some rest yourself mama. :)  

    Chloe will be 6 months on Tuesday the 17th but I feel like she’s still so tiny for her age. I love seeing Joy’s baby rolls :) They’re so munchables! 
    P.S: Please let me know when you’ll visit NYC again so we can meet up? 
    Hope to see you back in IG soon buddy! 

  • that’s awesome you got to meet up with a few of the ny mommies!  that camera looks so cool too.  I think I’d use it to spy on Bailey. =P I can’t believe how big Joy looks next to the bunny!  Both are so so cute. =)

  • Jenny! I couldn’t sleep and I never check xanga but somehow remembered and so glad I did! I always jump for joy when I see posts from you! I enjoy your pics so much! You are so talented in all that you do. And you have a condo in ny?! How lucky! U always talk about how other mom’s are amazing but you, my friend, are the truly AAAHMAZING one! So glad we got to finally meet. Hopefully for longer next time!

    Would love to be considered for the bunny since b is also year of the rabbit ;) . I can’t wait to see what your planning for j’s dohl. Can I pls hire you for b’s??!

  • I always love your pictures and posts!!! You are so creative and artistic~^^ Btw, my T has had the Sucre bunnies for almost 5yrs ( bought 2 when i was preggers) and it’s still his fav ‘lovey!’ :) So cute!

  • aw glad to hear you had an amazing time in NY!

  • such beautiful photos as always.  joy is such an adorable little baby. i really love her hair accessories and outfits!  glad you enjoyed  nyc.  would love to meet you next time!  

  • AWWW,  i love this post so much! i wish we were in NY together! hopeful that one day our schedule will match! it looks like you guys had an awesome time…..miss you guys dearly~

  • @hudson_umma - You are just the sweetest!!!  Thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging!  No way~ wish we had a condo in NY~!  Instead of a hotel we tried renting a condo this time so that we could have a separate bedroom and a kitchen.  Makes it so much easier for traveling with kiddos.  Now we always check this site to see if there are any good condo/house rentals before we travel anywhere.  Soo happy we finally got to meet!  Next time please make time for us again. =)  I haven’t planned anything for Joy’s dohl yet!  I need to hire YOU as my planner!!!  You are a party planning creative machine!  Actually~ for Joy’s dohl I’m focusing on working with a charity to get donations (instead of gifts or spending $ on a big party).  I will have to live vicariously through you since I know B’s dohl will be super nice! =)

  • @ypyon - Thanks so much!!  That’s soo cute that T loves his bunny even now.  That totally melts my heart!

  • @waiszeblogs - Thanks so much buddy!  Would love to meet up with you & cutie Z next time too!  =)

  • @skippeeahn - thx for the site info – will def have to look into that for future travels! and of course, typical jenny, awesome and generous of you for looking into working w/ a charity. we did the same for h’s dohl. said no gifts and instead gave the option to contribute towards this specific organization. i haven’t done anything for b’s dohl and it’s not gonna be anything big – more of an intimate family affair. i gotta get cracking cuz i still want to put SOME thought and effort - although it will be minimal. i know joy’s will be so super special and spectacular because anything you put your hands on just turns out that way :) !

  • i love all your photos!! you have such beautiful family!

  • Evan and Joy are so cute! You make me miss NYC. I think our next family trip will be to CA. Hope we will be able to finally meet up too.

  • I just saw your blog! Oh m y gosh Joy has really grown up! I’m glad that you had a great vacation with her. I think you are sooo brave to travel with kids. I havent yet, but I’m slowly storing up those tips that you give out. Thanks!

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