October 3, 2012

  • Happy Birthday Joy!

    Hi buddies!  Although I’ve been swept away by Instagram, blogging still has a special place in my heart.  I always love looking back at all the special posts I had for Evan so I want to make sure I do the same for Joy. 

    Anniversary and First Birthday Photo Shoot

    Our 6th wedding anniversary was on the day of Joy’s first birthday party so we wanted to commemorate it by taking photos!  The super talented Sako from Sky Blue Seed took our family photos for us.  For our formal photos I wanted it to be reminiscent of our wedding.  Andy wore his tux, I wore a white dress and the kiddos dressed up too!  Joy’s dress is actually a size 7-8 girl’s shirt but I loved it so much I turned it into a dress.

    I also wanted to capture just the simple yet wonderful things that our family does together.  We went to Whole Foods for some fun shots!

    We ended our session at the park!  By then Evan was pretty much done with having any photos taken, lol!  Thank you Sako~~ for your patience and talent.  We will always treasure these photos.


    Letters to Joy 

    We have a book of letters that we write to the kiddos.  We found it impossible to keep up with it regularly but we try for important events!

    Here’s a letter from her daddy~

    Dear Joy,

    I can’t imagine my life without you, you are the light of my life and always always bring a smile to my face, whether I see you, or I’m thinking of you.  You’re always so sweet when I see you first thing in the morning, or when I come home from work. I miss everything about you when I’m away from you; your little smile, your warm little arms around me when you hug, the little pats on my back that you give me, the kissing sound you make when I kiss you, your little voice copying my voice when I read or sing to you, your beeline crawl for me when you see me, then pulling yourself up onto me and when you snuggle your little head in the crook of my neck.

    On our morning strolls with Bella, you’re strapped in tight with me, but you never complain or cry. Me singing songs, Bella pulling us along, your little hands reaching out to touch the trees and flowers. Always friendly to neighbors, smiling on cue when they make funny faces at you, you are the best little girl. 

    At night when you get a bath, again you never cry and just play with the water or soap bottles; and when I lay you down for bed, you always sneak a peek back out at me to check if I’m still there, but the long day usually gets to you and you doze off like a little angel. Our days together are short for now, but that time is precious.

    However precious that time, it has flown by, you are almost 1 year old now. How I wish we could rewind and re-live the last year again, again and again. Happy Birthday my daughter!  I love you. 

    Love, Daddy

    Here’s a letter from me~

    Dear Joy, 

    This was the hardest letter for me to write because it means that our first year together is over.  A year where I got to spend every single day next to you…loving you, holding you, singing to you, laughing with you…so many incredible days.  As you grow we may not get to spend every day together but just know that our bond and love will only get stronger.  I will always be here for you…to cheer you on, cry with you, laugh with you and just sit with you & hold your hand whenever you want.  

    You are one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.  There’s just something so special about you.  You bring out so much happiness and gratitude from deep within me.  You make me want to be a better person, to help others and to see the bright side of things.   

    I pray for you every single day…that you are happy and healthy, that you’ll grow up to be a kind, grateful and giving person, that you’ll love God, that you’ll always be close to your family, that you’ll find the joy in the simple things in life and that you’ll know you can truly do anything when you put your heart into it.  I know that you are going to have an incredible life filled with so much happiness and great adventures.  I look forward to a lifetime of priceless memories with you.       

    Happy birthday to my beautiful amazing Joy…my daughter…my best friend.  I wished for you…and my wish came true.

    Love, Mommy 

    Free Blurb Book!


    I came across an awesome deal~ a free Blurb book!  You can read all the details from the awesome Jen at I Heart Organizing (link).  I made one for my Instagram photos and it was the easiest photo book I’ve ever made~ finished it in 15 minutes.  If you don’t have Instagram you can use your photos from your computer or Facebook/Flickr/etc. 

    Digital Washi Tape

    You’re in luck!  My amazingly creative friend, Sooki, just made some digital washi tape and she’s sharing!  You can find more info here.


    Hope you’ve been doing great!  Wishing you a very happy autumn season! 

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  • Your entries are always the greatest!!! Congratulations to Joy for making it this far in life :D  You have such a great family and I wish you all only happiness! <3 

  • Ahhhhhh I’m smiling from ear to ear. Those letters…. so special and made me teary-eyed!! I can imagine what a great moment it will be when your kiddos read those letters. They are so lucky to have you and Andy as their loving parents! Your family portraits are so perfect~beautiful family!! I loooove what you did with her 12 mths! Amazing how quickly they grow. I’m amazed that you got all 12 without having a blurry baby-on-the-go one in there somewhere. Great job mama!! I’m sooo excited about getting my IG blurb book thanks to you. Glad you got some use out of those tapes. 

  • ps: the header looks great here!

  • Family makes me happy. I love that you took the time and effort to organize the pieces of memories that you’ll always cherish. Many of us often fall into the ‘life happens too fast’ category without doing enough to preserve it. I’ve some open letters and dialogues about my daughter as well. Those will always warms my heart. Great job. 

  • love love love the letters.  your daughter is so lucky to be able to read them when she grows up!

  • YAY I miss your positive, inspirational, beautiful, heart warming and oh so crafty posts!  Definitely going to do the Instablurb thingy, thanks for the suggestion.  Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? 

  • happy birthday joy! love all the pics and she is sooo adorable! 

  • HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO JOY!!!!! aww so awesome to see an update from you. finally! LOL!! omg, both your letters to joy brought me to tears. it’s just too sweet! you guys are such awesome and loving parents to both E & J. one of the most beautiful families out there. i’ve been looking for you on instagram but can’t seem to find you. add me! ‘klariie’. thanks for the update. missed you. and i promise, i’ll update soon too. kekkekeke :)  

  • Love the letters… Whenever i try to write letters to my kids i dunno what to write because it seems to always be about the same things but i love how andy documented all the little things from daily routines :)

  • I can’t believe how quickly a year has passed..!

    Your letters to Joy brought tears to my eyes.. and your babies are truly so blessed to have the two of you as parents. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for your precious angels and your family. I love you guys so much! 

  • I can’t believe how big Joy has gotten!  Happy birthday Joy~ and congrats on your anniversary! 

  • loved reading both letters and seeing all the beautiful pictures!  i love the one of joy looking over at her big bro in the shopping cart.  sooo cute!  happy belated birthday, joy.  you are one special, blessed little girl!

  • You are soooo creative!!  Can I borrow you?  Lol!

  • So precious! Happy birthday Joy!

  • i just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your blogs and it made me smile seeing your gorgeous family. very very happy for you and sorry i haven’t been in touch. lots to tell you but haven’t had a chance. just know that i send you all lots of love! xoxoxox

  • this post got me all excited for my little girl to arrive!  happy belated birthday, joy! <3

  • Jenny~ your post totally made me tear up..especially the letters to Joy. Happy 1 year birthday..time flies.  She’s so cute, and I loved how she captured your family not just in a formal setting, but at the market! Loved seeing how Joy has grown each month in your last collage…what a great idea!

  • Those letters are so sweet.  I especially teared up at Andy’s letter….I think because I can sense the bond between daddy and his little girl? =P  I’m SO happy for your little wish.  Joy is such a lucky girl to have been born into such a loving family.  I know she will continue to bring more joy and happiness to you guys.  Happy Birthday, Joy!!!!! 

  • Hi buddy! This entry brought a smile to my face. Seriously you have the best family ever. Happy birthday to your little bundle of Joy and congratulations on your sixth anniversary with Andy. Come visit again soon okay? I live in Gangnam now so it won’t take me like five hours to get to where you are lol

  • happy birthday joy!! i just love everything about this post. :) your blog always makes me smile!

  • buddy, you and andy’s letters to joy made me very teary eyed. The last line in your letter, ok i’ll admit my eyes welled up. It was so touching. I can stil remember your pregnancy, you deciding on her name, and the day she was born- from conception she was someone so special, as her name so perfect in every single way. Your entries always make me smile so much…..you truly have the MOST beautiful family ever and it truly shows. <3 love u!

  • Awe!!!  Joy is such a beautiful little girl.  I showed off her photos at work and everyone commented how cute she is.  She’s such a good little girl and seems so happy.  

    Happy First Birthday Little Girl!  I hope to meet you one day.
    :)  Happy Anni too :)  What a lovely family.

  • @HSookiC - Thanks again sharing the awesome washi tape and now the drop shadow tutorial!  Fairy godsister!  I realized it’s impossible to get 12 months of good shots.  I’m glad I don’t have to worry about these anymore~ lol!  So happy you got the Blurb deal!!!  =)

  • @dkwok - Thanks so much~ you’re so nice!  You’er totally right about the “life happens too fast” syndrome.  With all the things that need to get done in one day it’s often easy to forget to capture those small moments and get them down on paper or in photos.  So awesome that you’re making an effort with your daughter!  =)

  • @WaterfallPhilosophies - Thanks buddy~ you are so very kind!  Hope you got to the Blurb promo!  If not, I’m sure more will come up!  =)

  • @minglenyc - Thanks!!  Before you know it~ your littlest guy will be one too!  Hope you’ve been doing great! =)

  • @klariie - Thank you!  Been wondering how you and boys have been.  I’m “skippee” on Instagram.  I’ll try to find you too!  Please update soon!  =)

  • @nomorepink - Thanks buddy!  Yeah, I love how Andy writes about the small details of each day.  Those are the things we’ll remember most.  My letters are mostly sappy~ lol!  =P

  • @chopsuey119 - I know~ I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone by.  Your babies are so blessed to have you & P as parents too.  Thanks for always being there for us~ for every milestone big and small.  Love you buddy!

  • @betia_too - Thanks so much!  So good to hear from you~ hope you’ve been doing great and that you’ll update soon!  =)

  • @BustMyGroove - Awww~ I can’t wait to see you with your little girl!  I’m soo happy for you buddy!

  • @alenconlace - Thanks so much buddy!  I love seeing you with your beautiful little E!  It makes me reminisce about Joy’s baby days too.  Time goes by so fast!

  • @petitetokio - Thanks sweetie!  Lol~ I’m glad you don’t live as far now!  I totally want to go visit again soon.  Miss you!

  • @GeLLiBeLLy - Thanks sweetie!  I miss the olden days when we both used to update all the time.  Wish you would at least update your IG more than once a month. ;)

  • @korean_angel214 - You are so so sweet!  Thank you for your kind words and your love for Joy!

  • I love your photoshoot ideas! Classy and formal contrasted with the simple every day joys as a family is such a great idea.
    Joy is like a girl version of Evan, they look so much alike! Her growth in the pictures is so sweet, what a chubby cutie <3 Happy belated birthday to Joy~ happy belated BIRTHday to Mom too :)

  • i can’t believe how amazingly happy you and your family look. it gives me hope for my own future haha

  • OH Jen I simply love this post so much! The letters to your daughter is so sweet, I might have to steal that idea and do that to K one her second birthday. The photos are so precious and you will definitely have them to enjoy years from now.

    So fun to always see your photos in instagram. Wishing you the best this autumn season!

  • awww jenny…you are such a perfect, caring, loving mother…wife…and friend! seriously what a blessing to come to this world with such BIG heart. you inspire me everyday to be better….i need a little dose of skippe every month pls! love you and can’t wait to see you sat! 

    i miss the kids and andy too!!! can we have a day you guys come over??

  • I just saw this! Joy is such a doll and you guys are an amazingly beautiful family with amazingly beautiful hearts to match.  So happy to see this family of yours grow!  

  • Congrats to you and your family (sorry for the late reponse! I havent been on xanga in a while)  I hope this year has been more than you expected and dreamed of. Joy is soooo scrumptious and cute. LOL. The whole food photo shoot was a great idea— natural setting. I love reading about your family bc everyone seems so content and happy.  Happy Thanks giving!

  • Are you planning to update soon? I can’t get enough of your cuties, and I’m sure I’m not alone! ;)

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