January 6, 2012

  • Evan’s 2nd Birthday Party!

    Better late than never, right?  Lol~!  I realized I never posted photos of Evan’s 2nd birthday party.  So~ before his THIRD birthday party I wanted to crank out a post.  I also just wanted to include some info for you to use for your future fabulous parties!  Photos were taken by our awesome photographer Tim Park or me.  



    Evan loves the Korean cartoon character Pororo so I based the colors off of that.  I wanted to bring the essence of Pororo to life without being too commercial.  Bright, bold & happy!  I also incorporated letters since Evan has always loved the alphabet. 


    Here’s photo of Evan when he was almost two.  You can see the Pororo play mats that once ruled our home.


    Goodie Bags 

    One of my favorite parts of planning a party is giving out goodie bags!  We made drawstring bags to hold all the goodies. Here’s the LINK to the tutorial. 


    Here’s a list of ideas for goodie bag items:  coloring books, crayons, play-doh, DVD, juice box, snacks, lego favor packs, sticker books, travel games, lip balm, mega bloks mini packs, bubbles, small stuffed animals, books, bath toys, flash cards.


    I love Avery shipping tags!  I just replaced the string with colored twine and designed a simple tag in Photoshop.  I think plain ol’ white paper looks great on these tags!


    Cupcake Stands 

    These cupcake stands were super duper easy to make and really cheap!  Just a bunch of Bare by Solo disposable cups and plates made out of plant-based renewable resources.  Here’s the LINK for the tutorial.


    For the stands I put actual cupcakes on some and bowties/hair clips on others.  I also filled up some empty cupcake liners with little tissue paper flowers and fuzzy pom poms. 


    For the cupcake stand toppers I glued on scrapbooking paper to wood/foam letters/numbers.  The rest of the toppers were just random items we had at home.  Cupcakes and cake were made by A Cupcake Story.

    Bowties & Hair Clips


    I made a little accessories dessert bar for the kiddos to take some hair clips and bowties.  I love the bowties because they can actually be used as hair clips too!  Here’s the LINK to the bowtie tutorial and the LINK to the felt rosette tutorial. 


    Birthday Crowns


    I wanted each kiddo to feel special so we made birthday crowns with their names on them.  Here’s the LINK to the tutorial.

    Invite & Thank You Card

    I just made some simple designs in Photoshop and printed them at home!


    Thanks to all the help and support from our friends and family we were able to pull off a super fun party for Evan!  Hope I’ll be able to post about Evan’s third birthday party before his 4th birthday!  happy



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  • JENNY! you kill me. how on earth do you find the time to make such amazing detailed items for his party! goodness lady, bow down! Evan is such a lucky boy. and i cannot tell you how much it melts my heart each time i see photos of him with bella, im like puddy right now. :O) and you are beyond awesome for sharing the links for each of the tutorials, i really want a sewing machine now! my mom & aunt have the large commercial ones but those are so intimidating, no idea where to start …. all i want are some simple burp cloths instead of paying a premium. haha and i cant even do that, i’ll have to commission my mom/aunt to do it for me. haha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his party, so adorable!

    ps love the matching toms!

  • btw – who’s hand is that threading the fabric through the sewing machine?

  • just scrolled down to see your other posts on NYE and Xmas as well, that first family photo with Bella kissing Santa and you guys laughing, it’s so beautiful! 

  • Amazing! Where did you get the yellow/white background in the last pic?

  • Jenny~~ I got on my comp so I could post a comment, but I see someone beat me to it with the exact things I wanted to say. kekeke. Evan’s party looked like such a blast! I loved how you were so resourceful with the cups and plates! I second JayMonKeee on your generosity in posting all the great tutorials. You know I like a good tutorial!! ^^ Thanks for sharing all the happiness and JOY with us today!!! Happy new year~!

  • Oops, and I forgot to mention– I’m gonna have to ask you how you like your sewing machine (again, same comments. lol.) I’m on the prowl for now and there are just too many options!! I love the embroidery ones, but not sure if it’s worth it. Hmmmm~~~ ;p

  • Ughhhhh you are so fricken talented and creative buddy! You should do this for a living!!! Merry belated christmas and happy belated new year!!! Evan has definitely grown into his cheeks but joy still hasnt heehee I love it!!!

  • Jenny – you should go into the planning biz!!  I’d hire you for my yet-to-be-conceived child’s parties any day!

    p.s. where did you buy that adorable fabric?

  • Aww I remember us making crayons, sewing and mostly eating in Corona around Christmas 2010. Can’t believe a full year has passed since then!

  • @JayMonKeee - Buddy!!  Thanks so much for your sweet words!  We love you too!  I totally think you should get a sewing machine~ you’re so crafty!  The sewing machine I have is a Brother one (LINK).  I got it because all the ladies on those sewing blogs recommended it.  You’re so lucky your mom & aunt are sewing experts already!  You’ll have so much fun with sewing though…it’ll make you wonder how you ever paid so much for simple things like burp cloths!  Lol~ the hand using the sewing machine is none other than my personal seamster…Andy!  =)  Awww~ thanks for taking the time to look through my other posts too!  Even though they’re belated I had to post photos so I can look back on them here.  =)  Hope you’re doing great~~ I’ve totally been wanting to email you back.  I’ll do it as soon as Evan’s party is over!  

  • @hkcho - Thanks buddy!  I actually borrowed the backdrop from a friend but she got it at Ikea.  Doesn’t look like they have the yellow one anymore but here’s a LINK to other colors.  Also, you can get fabric like this HERE.  They don’t have yellow right now but the other stripey ones are cute too.  I just got the baby blue one for Evan’s party this year.  =)

  • @buttons_r_bomb - Awww~ thank you so much!  Yet-to-be-conceived child’s parties~ lol lol!  I got the fabric from HERE.  That’s my favorite place to get fabric.  Make sure you search for coupon codes first though because I never order from there without one.  Let me know if there’s a specific one you really like and I can see if I can search for it.  =)

  • @Jeanie - You’re so sweet to take the time to comment.  Thanks so much!!!  I love my sewing machine~ although I’m still a total beginner and I’m sure there are so many features I’m not taking advantage of.  Here’s the LINK.  I got it because all those ladies from the sewing blogs always recommend this one.  Plus, Amazon usually has it for a great price.  I got it for $160 although the list price is $450.  I know what you mean~ there are way too many options for sewing machines and crafting things in general!  I hope you get yourself a new machine and start sewing away!  Please share your projects!  =)

  • @petitetokio - Thanks my love!!  Yes, Joy’s cheeks are out of control!  My mom says I need to sleep her on her tummy to flatten them out a little.  Hope your new year is starting off on a fabulous note!  =)

  • @miniminy - I know~ can’t believe that was already a year ago!  It was so fun doing all those projects with you guys.  I still remember cracking up when Andy was teaching Steve how to sew.  Thanks so much for all your help!!!!  We’re going to have to bring back the crayon project for another party.  Hopefully Steve is up for it!  Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow!!!!  =)

  • Truly truly amazing at EVERYTHING you do!!! This has to be one of the brightest & cutest party ever! Love the colors and all the details and finishing touches you added. Just lovely!!! I’m still so shocked and impressed that Andy made those drawstring bags! I keep all of the fun tapes you sent in my baggie. :) Love the matching Toms! I’ve said this numerous times, but I just know tomorrow’s party is going to be super amazing and i CAN’T WAIT to hear/see all of it!!! Soooo excited even if I can’t be there! It’s going to be such a happy happy day! :) Love love love your new years and Santa pics! 

  • amazing!  i love every single detail about the party.  evan is one lucky kid.  great job, mommy! 

  • Oh gosh Jenny!! Another great party!!! Your parties bring out the kid in me!!! I love it!

  • here’s a secret – the reason why I make having two kids look so easy is because I dont have the time, talent or patience to stay at home and think up fabulous crafts like you so the only option is to engage us is by going out.  evan and joy are so lucky to have a smart, crafty mom!  well done mama!

  • happy birthday evan!!!!! omg… the decor is AMAZING!! once again you have outdone yourself! i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! you are truly SUPER WOMAN! how did you manage to do everything while taking care of 2 kids?? you are an amazing mommy!! thank you for taking the time to update. i always look forward to & love your posts. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3 

  • beautiful beautiful beautiful as always jenny!!! :D

  • you’re such a super mommy!!! i’m totally going to steal some ideas for M’s dohl! :) HAHA. :) love all the colors, details.. and we love pororo tooooo! :) can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for E’s 3rd birthday! your babies are so lucky to have you as a mama bear! love you guys!!

  • just saw your new year’s and christmas postssssss… i DIE from the cuteness!!!!!!!! I love your little babies so much!! <3 seriously so crazy how you’ve gone from a family of 2 to 3 to 4 to 5! i love it. :)

  • wow, your parties are amazing!! i can only hope that one day i can pull off something similar for my future kiddos!! O.O or… any party.. :P

  • Jenny you are so freakin awesome it’s not even funny. Just wow I love every detail of Evan’s party I cannot wait to see what you did for his 3rd birthday 

  • Oh wow!!!! I love that you’re so creative!!!! I love making and planning- maybe one of these days with sue we can do a  arts&crafts/scrapbooking/make all kinda of stuff party!!!

    Your posts always makes me happy to see such fun and cute posts of Evan :)

  • You are awesome! Have you ever thought of going into event planning? I would totally hire you!!

  • WOWWW~  I don’t know how you do it, you’re amazing!  I should try some of your ideas for Lynn’s dohl.  I love the family set of TOMS, so cute! 

  • it was the bestest party ever! and im soooo bummed we missed eleni’s best buddy 3rd birthday!!!! soooo sad…….. i can’t wait to see pictures!!!!! happy happy birthday dear evan!!!!

  • Love the Santa photos where every one was not looking at the camera, very natural. The other ones were great too. Xmas sure is more special with kids.

  • so impressive! happy birthday!

  • I can’t believe this was a year ago! I also remember you had little Joy in your tummy :) You’re one of the most creative mamas I know and you did such a fantastic job putting together Evan’s birthday. He’s one lucky little man! 

  • you are truly super mom.  i don’t know how you do it all.  everything looked FABULOUS!

  • I seriously don’t know how you do it!!!  You’re amazing.  Noah will have to live vicariously through Evan’s parties because I don’t have enough creative juices flowing like you. :)

    Noah loves Pororo as well!  When we went to Korea on September he loved all things Pororo so I was thinking of incorporating that into his bday.  Although, we might have to do a joint think since Katie will be almost 100 days old by then!

  • @orangemomo01 - Buddy!  Where did your blog go??  Are you doing maintenance??  Please fill me in~!  I wanted to say I love all the crafty details you always put into your parties too!  =)

  • @skippeeahn - oh I forgot to mention that I changed the name (finally) it’s http://littleorangebigworld.blogspot.com/ now 

  • WOAH Jenny!!!! I LOVE LOVE everything…I die! Was it a coincidence that the color of your decor matched the walls of the party place? I’m floored you have the dedication and patience for this amazing work. You’re a genius Jenny!

  • Btw, I forgot to ask, were you pregnant in these photos? You have this amazing glow…you look so beautiful!

  • Wow what an amazing birthday party, it will only get better! Great diy projects!

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  • I love all your DIY projects for his bday party! I love getting inspiration from your site! =)

  • thanks for all the links!  I’m slowly planning my kid’s dol and your blog really helps!!

  • holy moly you are amazing!  since our boys’ birthdays are close together, i think i’ll be asking for guidance from you next year ; )  i’m still giddy over your party pics!

  • I just wanted to say Joy and Evan look so alike, and so so very cute. I wish your family a Happy New Years!

  • you are seriously a creative mama.  My dream is to spend one day in your brain and see how it works!  I betcha I’ll find a whole section dedicated to ideas that would make any kid smile. =)   Evan and Joy are truly lucky to have you as their umma.  I know that they’ll look back on these memories and be so grateful.  I wanted to comment on the New Years Eve and Xmas entries but couldn’t!  So Happy New Year Chien family~  Love love all the xmas photos!!   What a beautiful family of 4!  May 2012 bring many more blessings!

  • @avamommy - Buddy~ you are so kind!!!  I was pregnant during the party but it was right in the beginning so I thought I had a stomach virus.  I was feeling so sick and gross.  You’re the only one who has ever said I looked good~ lol!  Thank you for that!!!

  • @KRaZeefUnk - Buddy~ I used to love seeing all your creative stuff when you posted about your parties.  =)  Yes~ let’s definitely do a craft party and just make all sorts of random stuff~ lol!

  • great photos and talent! thanks for sharing!

  • @sckim - Thank you!  =)

  • oh my gosh… your party details are so amazing!! My daughter’s 2 year old birthday went by so shabbily compared to yours LOL. at least she’s too young to know… haha shhh! dont tell. ANyway, seriously awesome. I’ll bet his 3 year old party was just as grand.  It’s great to see all your happy memories… btw did you already go to korea?

  • oops one more questions… whre did you get the cloth for the bags? I love t hat blue/orange print one. But joann’s and calico corners don’t have anything like that. I’d appreciate any store recommendations! thanks!

  • @wedders111 - Hi buddy!  You said you would update~~!  The first thing I did was go check your site~ lol!  We haven’t left for Korea yet~ we’re going next month.  I love that fabric too!  You’re right~ Joann’s doesn’t usually have good fabric choices.  I got it in downtown LA at this store called Michael Levine (LINK).  It’s in the textile district.  This store has so much fabric to choose from!  The surrounding stores have lots of fabric too~ not designer ones so they’re a lot cheaper.  I just looked up the name~ it’s called Tea Garden, Sencha in Blue.  Here’s a LINK to an Etsy store that carries it!  That’ll save you a trip to downtown~ unless you wanted to go anyway to shop.  =)

  • Darn! I got this message late. Thanks for sending me the links, You’re so thoughtful. I ended up going to calico corners to get some fabric for curtains, but if I had gotten this sooner I would have gone with your suggestions.  I changed email address but Xanga still send my comment/updates to my old email acct so sorry for the late reply. You’re probably in Korea by now. Hope you’re having a great time! Can’t wait to hear about the trip and see photos. You are SOOO brave to take two kids on a plane. :)   

  • jenny you are just so super awesome. seeing everything you do for evan and joy is a wonder. you are so impressive. makes me feel small….but well done! i can’t wait to see what evan’s 3rd bday was like!! you are sooo cool! lots of loveto u!!! xxx

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