Month: July 2012

  • NYC 2012, Favorite Baby Item + Joy’s Korean Bunny Giveaway

    Hello buddies!  The past few months were really hectic as Andy was really busy with work and traveling a lot.  Having both kiddos on my own made the days and nights extra long and didn’t leave a lot of spare time for blogging or anything else.  Just wanted to say a big thank you to my family and friends who were there to help out and encourage me through such a rough time!  

    NEW YORK CITY 2012
    My in-laws were going to spend a week with Evan and Andy had a conference in NYC so Joy and I decided to tag along!  NYC holds a lot of fond memories for us because that’s where we spent a lot of time in the early days of our relationship.
    2 Flight Tips
    We’ve traveled by plane a lot with both kiddos yet I still get nervous for each flight.  It’s different at every age so the tips always change.  However, I’ve found there are two things that have been helpful for us no matter what the age.
    1 - Book the earliest flight possible.  The best flights we’ve had were when we left first thing in the morning.  The problem with the later in the day flights is that the kiddos are already tired and cranky from having already been through an entire day.  I know some people say to book night flights but that hasn’t worked for us.  There’s no guarantee the kids will sleep and it might backfire and interrupt all the other sleeping people on the flight.  
    2- Have a mini must have bag.  Every flight we take we always have tons of carry-on items with so many things we “might” need.  I’ve learned that we don’t even use most of the stuff and when we do need it we’re always scrambling to find it.  Plus, we can’t even get to any of it when we need it most~ during takeoff and landing!  Now we have a small mini bag of absolute essentials that we keep with us the entire time.  It has one diaper, a small pack of wipes, individually wrapped sanitizers, snacks and a toy.  We just refill things as necessary.
    Favorite Memories
    * Walking!  I don’t remember the last time I walked that much~ 3 to 5 miles a day!  I even walked in the rain…in flip flops.  It was tiring but fun!
    * Seeing NYC through Joy’s eyes.  Everything seemed bigger and brighter as we were showing Joy the city.

    * Spending lazy mornings in our condo.  It was really nice to have a “home base” where we could relax and have useful amenities like a kitchen and bedroom.
    * Daddy-daughter and mommy-daughter moments.

    Buddy Time
    I got to meet up with my wonderful Xanga buddies @tubecozy and @jpjchen.  It was the first time we met but it felt like we were old friends.  We’ve known each other through blogging for so many years now.  I feel so blessed to have them in my life even though we live so far apart.  Thanks @tubecozy for our awesome NYC memorabilia!     
    One of the highlights of the trip was being reunited with my childhood buddy~ @justbee and her gorgeous Olive!  It’s funny because even though we don’t get to see each other often we are still so present in each other’s lives through blogging and Instagram.  It was so nice to see what a wonderful life she had built for herself in NY.  Bee is such an incredible person~ so nice, caring and beautiful.  The thing I admire most about her though is how much of a loving and dedicated mom she is.  She inspires me to be a better mama. 
    Bee got me such an awesome gift~ the Dria cover.  Thanks so much buddy~ I love it!  It’s a nursing cover, stroller cover, car seat cover and you can just wear it as a regular top too.  You can read more about it on Hellobee!
    One of my all-time favorite baby items actually isn’t a baby item at all!  It’s a home security camera called Foscam that we use as our baby monitor.  Here’s the LINK for one and the LINK for a pack of two.  Lots of friends have asked us about the camera so I wanted to be able to have the info in one place to point them to!
    Here’s a page of monitor screen shots I made for a photo book…
    - Motion Detector.  You can set it up so it’ll email you photos when the camera detects motion.  We use it as a security camera when we’re out of town.
    - Zoom.  This one is huge for paranoid parents out there.  I zoom in to check on Joy’s breathing!
    - Move!  You can actually move the camera around.  Perfect for when your baby starts rolling around, sitting up and walking all over the crib.
    - Sound.  There’s a sound sensor alarm so you can set it to alert you when the sound goes above a certain level.
    - It Talks!  Not only can you clearly hear sound~ you can actually talk into the camera too!  There were times when we saw Joy with her face flat down so we would tell her to lift up her head and she would do it without waking up!  We also use it to talk to Evan to tell him to get back to bed.  Makes it easier than having to go up and down the stairs multiple times to say the same thing. 
    - Access Everywhere.  We have it set up on our iPhones, iPad and computers.  I love being able to see the kiddos when I’m not home.  I don’t have to ask if they’re sleeping because I can just check for myself.  Andy can also check from work!  
    - Photos!  I’m a bit obsessed with taking screen shots on my phone of them sleeping.
    - Quality.  The quality is so good especially considering that most of the time I’m viewing rooms that are pitch black.  
    - Dual monitors.  I love the fact that I can see both monitors on one screen.  
    - Glitches.  As with all technology there are glitches.  They aren’t problems with the actual camera but with the apps and programs that use it.  It’s just like your cell phone though~ sometimes you don’t get good reception but you’re fine with it because the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.
    - Setup.  The setup is a bit difficult.  Any moderately tech savvy person could do it though!

    I fell in love with the bunny dolls that they use in Korean photo studios.  When I went to Korea I made sure to grab some for my friends.  I also got an extra one to do a giveaway for my blog buddies who have asked about it.  Let me know if you’re interested~ I have one to share!  [Congrats orangemomo01!]
    If you’re on Instagram you’ve already seen these!  I just like to put them all in one place so I can look back later.  Hope you’re having a fabulous summer!