February 15, 2012

  • Valentine’s Day 2012

    Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you’re having a wonderful day celebrating with your loved ones.  Sometimes when you have kids you’re home in your pjs long before most people’s dinner reservations have even started.  Lol!  happy 


    The first card is from Tiny Prints and the second one is from Shutterfly!


    Valentine’s Day Thank Yous!

    Joy is so lucky to have aunties who love her so much to even plan ahead and get her outfits for Valentine’s Day! Thank you Lisa Eemo for the beautiful tutu & headband!  We’ll be using them for many years to come.  


    Thank you Katherine Eemo for the perfect little Valentine’s Day dress!  Joy is wearing one of the hair pins I made for myself a long time ago.  She’s sitting on an awesome chair I found at Ross for only $160!


    The Sweater

    It was 5 or 6 years ago and I don’t think I was even married yet.  I remember running my hands over the fabric thinking…do babies even wear cashmere?  I loved it though and imagined my future daughter wearing it.  I bought it thinking I could just give it away as a gift.  Years went by yet whenever it was time to give a gift I had to pass over this little sweater.  Deep inside I still held on to the hope that I’d have a daughter one day.  And now, to finally have my little girl and for her to wear this sweater~ words can’t express how happy it makes me. 


    So now with 2 kiddos and a furbaby, the difficulty level of taking photos has increased dramatically.  Sometimes I just want to give up because it seems like an impossible task~ lol!  The funny thing is that the best photos usually come from the outtakes!  Here’s my favorite photo from our Valentine’s Day session.  Joy kept lifting up her tutu and covering her face.  Evan rose to the occasion and actually directed her to put her hands down.  Lol!


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  • happy valentines day to the chien family!!!  i cant believe how much the kiddos have grown!!! love love love all your photos!!! 

  • awww~~~   i looooove the photo cards!  ALL of them!!  u are SO creative and cute when it comes to things like that.  and the sweater is TOO cute!!!  i actually kinda remember seeing something like that a loong time back??  i wonder if it’s the same one!  i’d never think of buying something and keeping it for that long to save for the future.  i’d probably would have forgotten i bought it by now =)

    happy vday!  and wut a great find at ross!  sometimes they carry some good stuff, u just gotta get lucky i think.  =)

    ps.  that’s so cute how they made a bow on joy’s hospital beanie!  didn’t kno they do that for girls!

  • @jenniahn - Thank you my darling!!  I know what you mean about the kiddos growing so fast because when I see your little J I’m like…??  I can still remember her being so teeny tiny in her baby pics!  

  • @yunbug - Thanks buddy!  I’m totally not creative because those cards are so easy to make~ just drop in the pics.  =)  You know what~ I can’t imagine you keeping stuff for a long time since you’re so clean & organized.  I accumulate and save stuff for years and that’s why my place is a mess!  You probably did see the sweater~ Baby Gap!  

  • @skippeeahn – yes! It was baby gap!!! Like 4 yrs ago, right?!?!

  • That sweater was made for Joy!!! Can your babies be any cuter?!! Omg I die!! I always look forward to your holidays pics b/c they are simply the best. The cards are wonderful and again, so creative! Love that chair–what a steal! We never have anything as nice as that at our Ross. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you and the lil ones!!

  • @yunbug - You have such a good memory!  It was soo long ago~ I thought even before I got married!  

  • @HSookiC - Thanks buddy!  This Ross wasn’t very nice~ but I found this little diamond hiding there, hehe.  You should keep your eyes open~ you never know!  =)  I always love your holiday photos too~ actually, I love ALL your photos!  Lol!  =)

  • EEPPUUUHHHHDAAAAA!!!   So cute! m I love her little face! :)   She’s such a cutie.  Evan is such a good Oppah! :)   What a adorable Valetines Day photos! Love it.  I like the photo of Joy standing up in her tutu.  She looks like she’s going to a sumo match :P   *Ready, set, GO!* hehehe

  • AH! too cute jenny! <3 <3 <3 the last picture has so much character in it too… their expressions are priceless. 

  • can’t wait to see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • this is such a cute post!! i love joy’s little tutu and her love sweater, so adorable! happy valentine’s to you and your family sweetie!

  • omg. I am sitting here almost crying at how adorable your babies are hahaha 

    I showed my sister in law’s a picture of adorable baby Joy today.  They have threatened to somehow get me and the JB so drunk I will get knocked up hahah
    your posts always makes me so happy :)  

  • aww soooo cute!  and LOVE the chair from Ross!  I love going to Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls etc for home furnishing~ it’s so exciting when you find the perfect thing for such a great deal!

  • @korean_angel214 - LOL~ that’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw the photo~ she’s a sumo wrestling ballerina!  =)

  • @allywally21 - Thanks my love!!!  For a second I thought maybe you were back to blogging and I was super excited.  =P

  • @petitetokio - I’m sooo excited too!!!  =)

  • @Mad_Wife - Awwww~ you are so sweet buddy!!!  I can only imagine how cute your kiddos would be.  Can’t wait until you’re knocked up!  =P  Btw, I always chuckle when I see your “name” because that’s so not you.  In fact, you are Sweet_Wife or Happy_Wife~ lol!  

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • your picture are amazingly beautiful! your kids are adorable and so is your dog!

  • aww love the last photo! i feel like it hasn’t been that long since i’ve last seen e&j but they already look so much bigger in the pics! and bella is an awesome model…you can tell she has experience =)

  • These are the cutest photo’s! I love how you include Bella in all you shots now if only my pup’s would cooperate 

  • little cuties! I think that that story about the sweater is so adorable. :)   your kids resemble each other very much and are so cute together!

  • this post is SO adorable!  First of all, i know what you mean about dinner reservations and being in your pgs, that’s why we always make ours for 5-6pm! Early dinner=quiet dinner=happy kiddos= happy mommy and daddy! and puahahaha do i ever know about taking a family picture. You know, I can’t believe how I thought it was hard to do that with just C~ it was so easy! One of us can just hold her, and the chnaces of her looking after a seriies of quick clicks was usually okay, there would be one winner! With TWO, oh forget about it!! If one of them isn’t looking, then the other one is, and u think oh that would have been sooo cute~ but the chances of both of them looking and smiling….oh so slim, no???! Our holiday cards this year were soo hard and i was sweating profusely because we were so determined to get both girls to look at the camera all at the same time kekeke! We got lucky  

     Also~~~I know where you got that sweater!!!!  I snagged one for Chloe right before she was born, that was 4 years ago! I cannot believe that you held on to it this long~!! Did you know that it comes with a matching hat?!  I must send it to you asap!! I saved the sweater too, and let E wear it~ it is so so adorable, and I was never able to give C’s away because I thought what if I have another girl??! LOL! I can’t believe how big she has gotten, she’s so cute, I wish i could be there to hold her again and squeeze her litto’ cheeks~! YOU make the cutest little cards, i love all of your holiday cards, christmas, easter, vday… you are so creative and talented , I need to go to start asking you where you do your cards every year lol! I think the reason your cards are so creative and personal is because so much love and thought go behind them.

  • Happy V-day to the Chien family! I always love your updates…the pics are always so creative & ur babies (all 3 of them) are just too cute! Love J’s sweater and the nice chair!!!

  • HAHA! SO CUTE!!!!!!! :D I LOVE EVERYTHING! Dang. I can’t believe Joy is already 5 months old!!!! She’s so beautiful! Evan is such a handsome boy! And bella is as precious as ever.
    I love your little family. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  a heart for each of you! :D

  • Wonderful pictures as always!  J has so much hair!  Clara had a lot of hair when she was born but she’s managed to rub it all off.  Thankfully it’s starting to grow back.  I love how you cover up the bumbo seat with a pretty blanket.  It makes a big difference in pictures.

  • The cards are sooo cute! Loved them! I love the chair you got at Ross…I was looking for one just like that except with an arm rest for our new place but no luck yet. Wished there was a Ross on the east coast. Happy V-day!

  • Happy Vday! Joy is so adorable in her tutu! 

  • adorable!! :)

    and I also find the outtakes come out better than the posed pictures when it comes to my little sisters and my cat :P

  • @sooae - Thanks buddy!  You totally understand about the early dinner thing.  The restaurant was empty when we went in!  My memory is so bad~ I thought I got the sweater before we got married~ lol!  I totally remember Chloe wearing it~ when she was teeny tiny!  Time goes by so quickly.  Btw, your holiday card photo and just all your holiday photo session photos were so beautiful!!!  Miss you my dear buddy!

  • @SweetNGuilty - Thanks so much for your sweet comment!  It totally made me smile.  =)

  • @miniminy - You’re right~ Bella does have experience~ LOL!!!  We miss you!  I barely see you on Instagram.  We have to see you guys soon please.  =)

  • @gggsss - Thanks buddy!  Omg~ Joy rubbed off all her hair too!  The side and back is all bald and she just has the top~ lol!  I can’t wait until it all starts growing back.  We have a blue bumbo from Evan so I always cover it up for girly shots, hehe.  For our Christmas card the blue would’ve stuck out too much so I just covered it with a white blanket.  You should try it too!  =)

  • I love seeing Evan and Joy interact with one another!  In the first picture, I couldn’t help but think of how Evan is turning into such a handsome boy!  He’s losing his baby features and totally looks like an oppa.  Joy’s lucky to have an oppa like him. =) 

    Your story about the cashmere sweater cracks me up!! 

  • @skippeeahn – well, I’m PRETTY sure it wasn’t b4 my pregnancy cuz I woulda never stepped into a baby gap. Pretty sure it was like during my pregnancy while shopping for baby clothes :)

  • You’re welcome! I’m just saying the truth =) May I ask if you’re a professional photographer? The lighting and angles seem so perfect (especially the cover pictures).. ^^

  • Awesome pictures!! :) Love your sweater story. How do you get Bella to pose in all your pics? Happy belated V-day! :)

  • oh i loved seeing the cute pictures! love seeing both your beautiful babies! plus bella of course! yea you are so lucky to have a beautiful daughter and son! i always love seeing your pictures!! glad you are all doing well! sending you lots of love. and am so glad you got to have joy wear the cashmere sweater! you’re so cute! xoxox

  • oh my gosh I LOVE that last pic!  your kids are too cute~

  • @SweetNGuilty - Awww~ thank you so much!  So nice of you to say~ you made my day!  =)  I’m not a pro at all.  I just love taking photos.  Like 90% of them don’t even come out that great~ lol!

  • @idyllicjem - Thanks!!  Bella is the best one out of all of them~ she listens whereas Evan & Joy just do their own thing.  My friends joke that Bella is good at taking pics since she has experience as a model (for Lexus)~ lol!

  • @angelahappydot - Thanks sweetie!  Missed you!  =)

  • awww, happy happy love day!!!!! i can’t wait to see the chien family!!!<3

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
    I love what you did with your baby hat! It looks like a bow. How creative! <3

  • Happy Valentines! late i know, but it sounds like you had a great one. Joy is growing SOOOO fast. It must be all the love :) I’ll post soon. I dont know how you do it with two kids… and pictures too?? wow.

  • I came across your page and your family is so adorable. How do you manage work/being a mom & wife? I am having trouble managing all 3. You are an amazing mom and wife =D

  • how did you get Evan to dress in pink?  So cute!
    Happy Love Day!

  • awww love what you did w/ the photo cards!!! evan and joy are looking sooo much more like each other each time i see pics of them~!!!  and joy is SOOOO pretty in pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love my niece and nephew to pieces!! wish i could kiss them!!!!!

  • @khrysty2244 - Hi~ and thank you so much for your kind words!  I totally don’t manage it well~ at all!!  I post the cutesy photos and stuff when I have time but what I don’t post are the piles of laundry waiting to be done or the tantrums or poopy explosions!  I’m just managing things day by day.  I just try to tell myself that as long as my kids are happy and healthy…I need to let go of the mommy guilt and all the coulda/shoulda/woulda feelings.  =)

  • @AugustBliss - Hi~!  Lol~ Evan doesn’t really care what I put on him as long as it’s comfortable!  So I figured I better put him in his little pink shirt before he grows up and won’t wear girly things!  

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