April 11, 2012

  • Easter 2012, Preschool + 7 months

    Hi hi~ didn’t mean to not update for so long!  We all got really sick after Korea so I was totally out of commission for a long time.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!  Evan was sick so I almost didn’t take Easter photos.  At the last minute I said let’s just try for a few minutes and I’m so glad we did.  Thank you Aunt Moy for Joy’s beautiful romper!

    Evan grabbing the bunny ears and Joy holding Evan’s hand and pants~ these photos just melt my heart.

    First Day of Preschool

    Okay, so I was making these signs for the future too and it was just mind boggling to me as I saw the words 12th grade and 2026!  We decided to send Evan to a Korean preschool so he can learn Korean.  His Chinese & English are great but his Korean isn’t.  I was worried it would be harder for him to adjust because he’s not as comfortable speaking Korean…but so far so good.    

    We’ve spent nearly every day together for over 3 years.  It was hard letting go.  Knowing that a big chunk of his day would be in the hands of others.  I know this is the best for him though and that the time is right. 

    7 Months of Joy

    I can’t believe Joy is already 7 months!  She doesn’t sleep through the night and won’t take a bottle or eat solids but she sure has won us over.  I’m really head over heels in love with this little one.  She’ll ferociously bat away pacifiers/bottles and cry at the top of her lungs but I still can’t help smiling at her.  Last night she cried for over an hour on & off until I finally just held her.  She let out the biggest drama queen sigh and then a final wail before snuggling deep into my arms and falling asleep.  I had to laugh.  She’s feisty and sweet.  And I love every bit of her. 

    Joy loves her family.  She lights up when she sees Daddy.  She watches Evan’s every move and smiles her biggest smiles for him.  She loves caressing Bella’s fur and giving her bear hugs.  She loves snuggling with me and can stay in my arms for hours if I let her.    

    Some Days

    Some days are just bad.  I usually try to just forget about them.  I realize though that in remembering the bad days it’ll help me better appreciate the good days.  Most nights we eat dinner alone.  A lot of mornings we are up from 5 or 6am.  Sometimes I have to make a choice.  Leave Joy crying upstairs so I can finish feeding Evan.  Leave Evan alone crying so I can put Joy to bed.  Most of the time when Bella cries she has to be the last one I tend to.  Sometimes I wish I could crawl into bed and block out everyone’s crying.  But I don’t.  I take a deep breath and move on.  Sometimes I wonder how other people just easily breeze through motherhood.  Their kids seem so well behaved, their homes are nicely decorated, they make awesome meals, go to cool places and then have time to blog/facebook/pinterest/etc.  Maybe I just need to be more efficient with my time??  Maybe I’m doing something wrong??  I don’t know!  Thanks for listening though!


    My guilty pleasure is still Instagram~ you can find me under skippee.  Hope to see you there! 


    * Mommy & Evan date to Disneyland.

    * Joy was 2 pounds heavier than Evan was at 6 months.

    * I love living near the ocean.

    * We sure do love our stripes.  Thanks to Evan’s Gu gu and Aunt Sooki for adding to the stripey goodness!

    * Triplets?

    * She’ll always be by his side.

    * Joy is madly in love with Bella.

    * A collection of hairpins I made.

    * Dinner was all set but we just couldn’t interrupt a moment like this!

    * Evan spending time with Harabuji. 

    * Daddy & Evan are seriously BFFs. 

    * Does anyone shop at G by Guess?  I won a $30 gift card that you can use in the store or online.  I’d like to give it to someone who can use it!  [Congrats ake_mom!]

    Next up~ photos from our Korea trip!  Hope you’ve been doing great! heart

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  • Your posts always make me smile.  Love your family and your precious kids.  :)

    G by Guess is awesome! 

  • @JL789 - everything you said!

    and your kids are so adorable! Joy’s smile is infectious!

  • Ok, I’m just going to have to make my comment really short or as short as possible, because I could seriously go on and on and ON AND ON about how cute the baby bear and the baby BUNNIES are (AHHHH!!!!), how instagram has now turned into my guilty pleasure too (thanks to you of course) andddd did i mention how stinkin ADORABLE JOY IS???? OMG look at her cheeks!!!! Seriously, has that much time passed when I held her tiny soft little body in my arms where she took the longest nap ever? I can still remember the smell, that sweet smell she hadd~~ she’s growing up SO fast.. 

    I love love love all the photos you take of the kiddos, and just life in general. Even from an iphone, you make photos look so incredibly professional, candid, and just really meaningful. So talented. OH! Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments on my new site keke! awe its such a treat to know when you stop by, my love. I miss you all sooo much. Big big pppoh ppohs to the two cutest kiddos EVEr for me! *muuuuah!!* xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Happy Easter! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Can’t wait to hear more about E’s adjustment to preschool & your trip to Korea! As for venting about the everyday struggles we SAHM’s go thru day to day….I find it refreshing that you share the ‘ugly’ truth (for lack of better words)! It’s hard and not always the pretty picture some people like to paint. That or those mommy’s were truly blessed with babies that never need attending to! (~.^) I myself struggle every single day and my kids are 7 and 4…so u are are not alone my friend!  As always, LOVE all the pics of E, J, and B !  :)

  • You’ve come out of hiding! Yay!! ;) Awww Jenny, how much I love your kiddos! I think Evan (esp. his cheeks) will always hold a special place in my heart <3 As for the G by Guess, I would like to enter your raffle! I buy a lot of my workout tank tops there!

  • Awwww so much cuteness! Yes!!!! I swear Evan and joy and Andy r like triplets! That was wut u were referring to, right? Lol. But I’m jus amazed at how joy n Evan look so much alike.

    Bella cries too?! That made me lol! It’s like u have 3 babies instead of 2. Wut a good momma u r :) . And jus so u kno.. U make being a mom to 2 look so easy! Ur always so crafty and making the cutest things and collages! I woulda have never guessed :) . Oh and all of u always look SO perfect too. Ur doing a great job, momma. Keep it up :)

  • Btw, wut is G for Guess? Lol! I know of guess and Marciano.., if it works for those.. Count me in too! :)

  • @ypyon – amen, sistah! I can’t even wrap my head around the mere THOUGHT of juggling 2! Lol. Love when ppl keep it real :) . But I bet there ARE kids who don’t need tending to. Lucky parents! Lol

  • I literally just had a moment like you mentioned.  I was nursing Clara in her room and I hear Luca crying in the tv room.  I knew nothing was wrong and he was just being dramatic.  Clara was just about to fall asleep and in comes Luca, crying and saying, “I need you.”  Of course Clara woke up and now I have 2 cranky children.  These are the days when I wish I worked but like you said, I just need to take a deep breath and realize how lucky I am.  Deep breath.

  • i love that first picture, jenny!  it is such a perfect easter picture.  it looks like joy went through a growth spurt since the last time i saw her.  she got bigger and prettier (and her skin seems more cleared up!)!  i totally hear you about juggling multiple kids and having those bad days.  being a sahm is tough, but i hope you see that it’s all worth it!  like right now, my house is a MESS and at 2:40p.m., i finally got around to feeding my kids lunch.  haha.  hopefully, you’ll find a little more down time when E is at preschool.  yes, please sign me up for that G gift card!  :)

  • omg, jenny! i can’t get over how stinking UBER A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E joy is!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh, i want to bite those cheeks and wow, 19lbs?! LOVE IT! and when the HECK did evan grow up to be such a big boy. your kiddos are too cute for words. and those “some days” – we all have them! yes, some have it harder but you of all people manage your time SOOOO efficiently! i dunno how in the world you do all that AND MORE when joy isn’t even sleeping through the night on top of juggling a toddler! i have a hard time even w/ b sleeping through the night! i mean, you take care of 2 kids and hubby, craft, blog, photograph…i mean, seriously, you are putting a lot of us to shame! i’m always, always, late and lagging on everything in life these days. sigh. always love seeing your updates mama. really hope to see you in the summer!

  • Jenny~ Thanks for the post! I loved seeing all the pics of Evan and Joy… And my gosh, have they grown!! :)
    So, I just wanted to comment on the part where you mention other moms and their ability to do it all. Well girl~ that’s you in my book! :) You are doing one heck of a job over there. I think it’s natural for us moms to be our own biggest critic. To other people, we may appear to have it together, but we each know our everyday mess-ups and meltdowns. Haha. We all share in them, so don’t fret! I say, if you ever need to hide under a cover and cry it out, just do it. Especially having to juggle an infant, a toddler and a furry friend… who’d dare blame you! :p In any case, you’re one exceptional mama and I totally look up to you. Keep it up!! :)

  • the kids are soooo cute!!! joy sounds just like chloe… fiesty but so, so sweet!! :) i seriously can’t really get mad at chloe either! i love that she tries to stand her own with her oppa! hahaha

    i totally hope you know you’re not alone with your “down” days… but you are an amazing mom and you do everything with such grace and love… it’s just a tough period when the kids are young (or so i tell myself every day…)

    glad you’re back and hope to see some highlights from your trip! and stay healthy, all of you!

  • awww how exciting and scary he’s going off to preschool!! and wow, 3 languages? he’s only 3 and smarter than me! :P

    the pictures you take are always so wonderful, not only are they great in a photography sense but they capture such precious moments!! :)

    glad to see everything is going well and I look forward to pics from your trip to korea!! :D

  • loving joy’s pink bunny outfit! 

  • i diiiiieeee!!!! oh my goodness your real life pink bunny is just adorable! i can’t get over how darling your three babies are. the holiday pic is just p.e.r.f.e.c.t!!! i spy lullaby font!  love that font and love how you used it! yes, we are type geeks! ;) can’t believe my lil evan is already a big boy and started preschool! unreal how fast time flies. feels like i JUST did his memory poster! joy is growing up beautifully and i love how she’s towering over le sucre bunny now!! she’s even giving her big wet kisses! i could just gobble her up!

    you aren’t doing anything wrong! if were able to manage everything without a problem, i’d be suspicious of something! jenny, believe it, you are an amazing mom and friend! just keep doing what you are doing and don’t look back. i can hardly wait for your korea trip post!!! see ya on IG~!

  • I’m so glad I found you on instagram! :D Now we can both snap away hehe :) I can totally understand what you are saying about the bad days and it can be stressful, but think about all the positive moments and just look back though all the happy times you guys have been together. I can’t wait to see the pictures from Korean i’m sure you guys an amazing time there~! =) love the pictures as always and stay positive<3<3<3 G by Guess has pretty nice clothes, but pricey =(

  • haha  Joy seems like such a cute little girl, evne when she’s shouting!  :)   I love the photo of her mouth wide open.  Joy, if you keep your mouth open like that, a bug might fly in ;)  

    ” Last night she cried for over an hour on & off until I finally just held her.  She let out the biggest drama queen sigh and then a final wail before snuggling deep into my arms and falling asleep.  I had to laugh.” 

    That’s pretty funny!  All she wanted was to snuggle!  Poor girl.  Evan looks so handsome.  He’s growing up so fast!  Joy seems to watch every move he makes and wants to be in on EVERRYTHING…  If not, I am sure she’s thinking she’s being left out. 

    Awe, it’s hard to distribute your time evenly with two children, husband and a dog.  I can’t imagine how hard that is…  It’s hard enough for me being single but man, add all that in, sounds tough!  But you do update enough online…  Just difficult to always find a few minutes to write in the buys day of chasing Evan, soothing Joy and petting Bella, but you CAN do it! :)

  • hi honey! love love love the photos. as the koreans would say evan is such a 핸섬가이 lol. miss you already!

  • How lucky you are to have an abundance of cute cheeks to kiss every day! :) So sweet to see little Joy growing and her relationship with Evan blossoming too; it makes me want to have another little one RIGHT NOW!!

    I wonder about those seemingly perfect moms too because I feel like I have my hands full and I’m a stay at home mom with just ONE baby and my home is not clean/well decorated, meals are repeated, blogging is on the back burner, and we don’t live in the coolest place. Gotta be honest and say you model that type of life from what I see on your blog, but it’s real for you to share about your “some days.” We all have them :)

    Love seeing your instagram feed (glad you found me too!) and can’t wait to see Korea pictures~

  • @JL789 - Thank you sweetie!  I never heard of G by Guess before~!  KIIS FM probably thought it was ridiculous that an old lady with two kiddos won the gift card~ lol!  Btw, what happened to your posts?

  • @sooae - Awww~ thanks so much buddy!  You are so kind with your words.  Thank you for loving my little ones!  I love your baby bear and little cookie too!  =)

  • @ypyon - Thanks so much my sweet buddy!  I feel so blessed to have met mommies like you where we can honestly share in our trials and triumphs of motherhood.  There’s nothing more comforting than to hear the words that someone understands what you’re going through…especially when you admire that person so much already.  I always look up to you in how beautifully you’re raising D & T.  =)

  • @Girl_Interrupted118 - I think Evan has a soft spot for you too.  He mentions Tracy Eemo randomly and I’m like…huh???  Lol~ you actually buy stuff from G by Guess!  I walked into the store and it was filled with young trendy girls.  I think you might blend in though since you look so young & hot!  =P

  • @yunbug - Lol~ yes Andy, Evan & Joy are triplets!  That’s why I always love seeing how much you & G look alike.  I wish I had my own mini-me too.  Yeah, Bella totally cries.  She barks and cries to be let out like 10 times a day!!!  I have no idea what G by Guess is…maybe a new trendy version of Guess?  They opened one at Westfield Culver City.  I happened to be there and won the gift card.  I think the gift card is specifically for that new brand.  I stuck out like a sore thumb with two kiddos…everyone else was all young & hip!  Thanks buddy for the words of encouragement!  I was having such a rough week~ but your comments made me smile.  =) 

  • @gggsss - Thank you~~~ for understanding!!!  I know you know exactly what I’m going through.  So thankful that we are not alone in this.  I don’t wish for you to have cranky kids but it does help to know that mine are not the only ones.  Thank you for sharing your story with me!  =)

  • @akemom - Thanks buddy and awesome mama of all mamas!  I love seeing how you maintain such a great attitude and calmness in managing your house full of kids.  Even though you have lunch at 2:40pm you’re doing it with a smile.  =)  Joy’s skin was really bad in Korea (blistering, bleeding, bad) but thankfully things have gotten better!  

  • @hudson_umma - You’re so sweet buddy~ thank you!  I was having such a rough week but your comment totally put a smile on my face.  Your support & encouragement mean so much!  I’m always late and lagging on everything too.  Sometimes I forget to email people back or even do the simplest things!  we have to see you this summer~ i won’t take no for an answer.  in fact, you’re coming over to my house!  then i can hug your two cuties and get tips from you on how to raise a kid like H…because truly he is one of the best kiddos.  and that’s a testament to his awesome mama.  =)  

  • @Bottletalk - Buddy~~ thank you so much!  How is it that you are so wise?  You’re right~ I’m my biggest critic and sometimes feel like such a horrible mom.  When I see other moms who have it so together I have to remember that no one is perfect and that I don’t see the whole picture.  So I shouldn’t beat myself up for not living up to that standard.  Lol re crying it out~ some days that’s all I want to do!  Btw, I thought you were bringing the Bottletalk blog back but saw it wasn’t!  No pressure (since I know how hard it is to keep up) but I really did enjoy your writing and pics.  =P  

  • Aw loved this entry, I missed your updates while you were in Korea! I love Instagram too, it’s so much fun~ so glad to have found you there! And totally can relate about ‘some days’….sigh~* thanks for sharing that b/c I totally have those days too, nice to know I’m not the only one!

  • @ka_woman - Thank you my dear buddy!  You know~ a lot of the times when you talk about Chloe or your relationship with her it really reminds me of Joy or how I envision we’ll be.  Love it!  Let’s just hope that things get easier and easier as they get older and we’ll reminisce and laugh about these days.  Btw~ we think about you guys a lot and I’m always meaning to thank you again for sharing J & C’s stuff.  Evan wears this one red/blue jacket all the time and we think of J.  Joy wore C’s pink snow suit in Korea and it totally saved the day with all the cold weather.  There are all these other reminders of J & C too that we love.  Thank you!  

  • @raspberryjade - Thanks sweetie!  3 languages but all at a 3-year-old level~ lol!  =P

  • @miniminy - This pink bunny misses her Eemo!!! 

  • Awww… adorable pics! your baby girl is so chubby and cute at 6 months!!! and thats’s all from breastfeeding?! Wow…Good job!!! my 9 month old doesn’t take bottles either… It’s so tough! And I know staying at home is hard with two kiddos… my saving graces are the days my eldest is in school. I’m sure your son will have so much fun in school! It’s so exciting!!! …I’ll follow you on Instagram! My username is merdie. I love it too and post when I can!

  • @HSookiC - I just love that I have someone who shares the same love of type!!!!  Amazing that you can just name them by sight.  You are a typography virtuoso!  Thank you for always being so encouraging!  You know your package came at the perfect time because they’ve been making me smile all week!  Little bits of happiness sprinkled here and there all thanks to you.  See you on IG!!!  =)

  • @aliceandrandy - Thanks sweetie!  I love your positive outlook on life~ it shows even on your face since I can tell you’re such a happy & beautiful person!  =)  So happy we found each other on Instagram~~!  

  • @korean_angel214 - Lol!!!  Thanks for the laugh~~ cracked me up what you said about a bug flying in.  Joy is totally obsessed with Evan and I love watching her watch him.  =P  Thanks for the encouragement sweetie!  =)  

  • @hana_sj - Lol~ L is so cute so another one would be awesome!  Oh my~ I’m totally not one of those moms.  If you knew me in real life you’d totally agree~ lol!  Blogging is like scrapbooking for me so I mostly just post the cute pics and happy times but a majority of real life is spent stressing, cleaning up pee and poo (toddler, baby, dog) and never brushing my hair.  Sometimes I just take a break from checking pinterest/blogs/fb/etc. because i realize subconsciously it’s making me feel bad that I’m not able to post weekly updates/letters about my babies, make that cool craft, go eat at those yummy places or do any of the endless list of awesome things that I’ll never be able to get to.  Anyways~ sorry for going on and on~ it’s been a rough week!  See you on Instagram~~!  =)  

  • @skippeeahn – install a doggy door! :) . Sorry u were having such a rough week. Good thing Evan is in preschool now.. I bet that helps ease the load a lil. Hang in there!! Ps. Certain angles n expressions, they totally look like u too! Keke

  • @yunbug – oh and I bet even tho they don’t physically look like Ur twin, I bet they have huge hearts just like urs and u totally shine thru <3

  • wb! i absolutely love the easter photos of evan and joy! I think yesterday was national siblings day, so so happy belated siblings day to the cutest siblings ever!

    you are too hard on yourself! i’m amazed at how much you can juggle with two kids. I only have 1 and she’s 7, yet I struggle to keep up! I barely have time to do anything other than work and tend to A when she needs me. I’m thankful everyday that she is pretty independent, but i also wish i had more time with/for her. you are an amazing mom and the photos really show it. your kiddies just look so genuinely happy in them!

    can’t wait to see more updates (something i am still trying to find time to do myself… lol)

    btw, i just started using IG too and love it (will def. add you soon :) . Do you use pinterest? if not, you should! so many great ideas circulating and I’m sure a crafty mommy like you will add more great ideas to it.

  • Omg I died looking at the pictures of your babies! Joy is getting so so so so so so so much more beautiful each time I see her! She’s such a chubby bundle of love and gorgeousness! :D You’re such an amazing mommy and such an inspiration. I can’t imagine doing everything you do! You’re doing a fantastic job with your babies and I really hope I can do half as well as you’re doing when I have #2! 

    Love you my dear buddy!

  • I love love love that your on instagram! It’s great to see what’s going on with your day to day. Also Joy and Evan just make my heart melt. Your making me want another little one! btw where did you get joy that Bunny? I have been looking for one for Sae and cannot find one anywhere! Also those hairclips, urmm so when are you making your shop so I can buy some? 

  • @skippeeahnhttp://onpoint.msn.com/story?ocid=hpslide
    Someone sent me this article. I totally thought of you. Read it. You’ll laugh and feel better.

  • you’re back!!!  welcome home and glad you guys are all better now.  first off, i just want to say thank you for posting so honestly about your experience with 2 kids + 1 fur baby.  alot of parents won’t admit the tough times they go through or how they can’t seem to get a grasp on doing more in less time.  it’s just not possible, so it’s OK.  you’re a GREAT mom and hubby is a GREAT dad!  at the end of the day, those chubby cheeks and sweet natures wash everything bad away.  one day at a time, girl…one day at a time =)  (i’ll have to remember to listen to my own advice IF we have another one hehe)

    secondly, OMG how cute are the kiddos!!!  E is becoming such a handsome little man and i can’t get over how delicious J is!  nomnomnom <3  you are truly blessed my friend! 

  • you and your family are like ALLLLL photogenically awesome!

  • So beautiful and sweet! 

  • @skippeeahn - I put them all on private after I post it up for a day or two now.  

  • @skippeeahn - I love when babies shout and you get a good photo of their little mouths WIDE open :P … hehe  When I visit California, I sooooo want to see you and the kiddos.  Evan is going to be such a good Oppah….  I just wanna pinch her and Evan’s cheeks :P   “Hey you, over there!”  LOL

  • egads…i was writing something and then it all disappeared!  sheesh…anyhoo…I MISS YOUR POSTS!!!!  although i know you only through xangaland…i think you are an AMAZING woman.  i’m glad you vented and reminded me i’m normal.  you are doing a wonderful job as evident by the happiness that shines through your children, husband and even Bella.  it’s a challenging season of our lives when raising young ones…but this season passes and God really shows you the blessings in your children’s smiles and laughter, right? ;)

    i’m glad you’re feeling better and loved all the pic updates!  i never really use my Instagram app…but will have to look you up there. 

    *BIG HUG* to you!!!!  your one of my FAVORITEST blog posters. yes, i just made up that word.

  • I always look forward to your holiday pictures!!! It’s so cute to see Joy in this year’s Easter pictures!! =)  Gosh, when I first saw Evan’s preschool pictures, I was so shocked at how big he looks!  He looks so much taller!  And Joy…7 months already?? Gosh, they really do grow up too fast.  Thanks for sharing how hard motherhood is.  I think we all feel like hopeless mothers at times.  But you really are an awesome mother and I know Evan and Joy will turn out to be amazing people because of you and Andy. <3   Plus, you’re the one that’s always encouraging me and lifting me up!!  I love you, cheengu.  It’s so nice to go through motherhood with you. =)  

  • Omgosh, are u kidding? U are doing nothing wrong! I was going to tll u that ur days & choices sound like just like mine…including the dog. Except that my dog doesn’t bark, he cries like a human baby…I kid u not. So just imagine 3 children crying all at once. Sometimes I’m just so overwhelemed, I tell bbobbo to go outside & close the glass sliding door so that atleast I don’t hear him crying. So mean.. I know. I really don’t think any parents think its easy breezy & you’re one of the mom’s I look at wonder how u do all the incredible things u do.
    I read a great articel today, it really encouraged me & was a good reminder that our children will love us for us.. I’ll email it to u later. Anywho, ur doing a great job, so don’t even worry about it.

  • Ps. I have a 17 yr old cousin that would love & be very grateful to receive the gift card!

  • What lovely photos of your 3 darling babes!  I adore the Easter photos!  <3

    May I ask what preschool you are sending your son?  I live in the Southbay and am very much wanting to send my bebe to a Korean speaking preschool and am jealous of all of the offerings in K-Town that aren’t available here.  You’d think with the large Korean population in Torrance that there would be more Korean daycares/preschools, no?!

  • although i’m not a mother myself and can’t imagine how difficult mother hood is… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how unconditional your love is for your family. i can tell how much you dedicate yourself to them just through your incredible documenting. your love and hard work reflects through their genuine smiles and eyes in all your photos! 

  • Happy Belated Easter!  JOy is so cute. Those arms those cheecks those thighs! yummy! hahaha. Anyway, you’re super lucky to have a korean preschool. I was looking for one but couldnt find one around here. Evan is going to be quite the international guy :)   Welcome back to the US (btw)!

  • What city preschool do you send Evan? We send C to a one in Gardena.

  • It just LOOKS like some mothers breeze through motherhood.  We all have many of “those days.”  You are doing a fantastic job as a mother…just look at how happy everyone in your family is!

  • Hi Jenny, just because parenting isn’t easy doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong. I know in my heart that you are a fantastic mother who’s doing so many things very right! Don’t forget to be aware of your strengths and build on those! One day, I hope to be half the mom that you are.

  • can’t believe how big joy is getting!!!! i want to see her again!!!!!!!

    and evan in preschool… this is just craziness!!! stop growing sooo fast evan!!!!

  • @theparks - Hiii~~ so happy to hear from you buddy!  The comments erasing thing has happened to me so many times before!  So whenever I write a long comment I get all paranoid and copy it first~ lol!  I love how you said it~ that this is a challenging season of our lives and how God’s blessings show through our children’s smiles & laughter.  So beautifully said~ I’ll always remember that.  =)  Let me know what your Instagram name is so I can add you too!  Thank you for always being so supportive and caring~ through all these years.  =)

  • @cheendy - Thank you buddy~ for always being there for me!  I feel so blessed that we can go through this crazy journey together and always share honestly about how tough it is sometimes.  You totally understand.  You “get” me~ and I love you for it!  =)  

  • @K_G_C - Awww~ you totally understand buddy!!!  Especially about even having to deal with a barking/crying dog sometimes.  I always feel so guilty because I feel like I use up all my patience tending to Evan & Joy that I just get exasperated so easily with Bella when she isn’t really doing anything that bad.  =(  Thanks for sharing so honestly with me!  I really look up to you in how you parent and I think both your kiddos are so good!  =)

  • @flashesofyellow - Such kind words~ thank you!  Totally made me smile!  =)

  • @wedders111 - Thanks buddy!  Awww~ wish you could find a Korean preschool you like too.  It took us a long time to find a good one.  It isn’t even that close but I feel like it’ll be worth it to help with Evan’s Korean…at least to give it a shot.  =P

  • @spiritedsherry - Awwww~ buddy!  You are so sweet.  Thanks so much for the encouragement!  =)

  • Gosh I can’t even imagine juggling two kids!  I appreciate you sharing your trials because I too have (many many) hard days and it feels good to know that we’re all in this murky thing called parenthood together!  You are obviously a great mom and your children are blessed to have you!!  Your kids are getting so big… I want to eat up your daughter’s cheeks!

  • @skippeeahn - hey mama!  i just found you on Instagram…I feel like I hardly ever use that app…I’m soooo lazy!  anyhoo…i’m “theparks”…i just saw some of your pics…oh man…i love your photos esp of your kiddos…they are PRECIOUS!  you always INSPIRE me to do more (crafts/blogging/posting/picture taking/etc)…random as that may sound just know that you make MANY folks feel very special.  i  that about you!  i will try to be better at keeping in touch.  you and Susan (chopsuey119) are my favorite xanga friends that i sooooo wish I could meet in person.  i would give you each such a great big hug!!!  if you’re even in Houston TX…LET ME KNOW!  i hope you have a super wonderful week full of good health, lots of laughter, and loads of love.  if it doesn’t happen as such…there’s always next week :)

  • wow i didn’t realize that olive and joy are about the same age! and joy is already sitting up so well! olive has a long way to go, but how you describe joy’s personality sounds just like olive. sleep training here we come!

    love all the gorgeous pics as always!

  • I know I should post more but Instagram is so much faster! I’m so glad that we can keep up there! 

    I love Evan but I am still partial to girls! ;) Joy is ADORABLE! 

  • ok seriously jenny~ you are super mom!!! i don’t even have time to upload my pics. at least you update your xanga with memorable entries – and u don’t waste time on pintrest and facebook like me! i’m due soon (with a girl too) and i’ve been so stressed on how i’m going to manage 2…i have help too! but i’m still stressing. u’re doing an awesome job!!!! by the way, how do u get the prints on your pics? like the date, etc? do you use photoshop??

  • You are a wonderful mother!

  • @akemom - Was it an article about allergens??  Lol~ I think they changed the article in the link…this one is about cleaning.  Btw~ I’ll be sending you the G by Guess gift card!  Hopefully I’ll get to it by the end of the week.  =)

  • @JL789 - No wonder~!  I always miss out because I don’t get to go through my subs that often.  =(  

  • @theparks - Thanks for finding me on Instagram!  Now your job is to post more photos there~ lol!  Seriously, you, Susan and I would have so much fun together.  And all the crafting~~ it would be awesome.  =)  Come visit CA!!!  Thank you for your kind words~ always!  *hug*

  • @alenconlace - Awww~ thanks so much buddy!  Congrats!!!!  I didn’t know you’re due soon with a girl~ wowee!  I’m so happy for you!!!  Maybe you could cut out FB & Pinterest for one day so you can update your blog, hehe.  You haven’t updated in ages buddy!  No pressure though~ I know how hard it is to actually sit down and do stuff like that.  Most of the time for the text I use Photoshop.  For my phone photos I use apps like TegakiCam (in Japanese but easy to figure out) and Phonto.  Please update~~ and hope to see you in person soon!  =)

  • @justbee - Thanks buddy!  Yes~ Olive & Joy are right around the same age.  Always love seeing your updates!  =)

  • @fuzzynavel - Yes~ so happy we found each other on Instagram!  You’re right…so much faster on Instagram than blogging.  Twitter is like a foreign language to me so I can’t follow you there~ boo! 

  • @LoveEtc - Thanks so much~ you’re so sweet! =)

  • @skippeeahn - I seriously think so! You should not beat yourself over the bad days, everyone has those. I’m sure your kids are going to grow up with nothing but happy memories. You provide such a loving environment for them that truly shine through in all of your posts! Even your dog is lucky! I’ve tucked away a couple of ideas that I got from reading your posts about motherhood. 

  • jenny! you are doing such an amazing job and i too wonder how you manage to have time to take all these cute photos, make easter baskets for E’s class and so forth! seriously, you are my little hero!!!! i love love seeing the kids grow so beautifully and i can’t wait to move closer so we can play together more!!!! lets do lunch again very soon! btw, i found a school for E!!!! I LOVE it…i’ll tell you more about it when i see you! love u!

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